Hi Felix,

Not too sure if you are aware but the Postcard Viewer does not work with the code that Dreamweaver generates for Image Rollovers.  I recently upgraded to CS4 and it took me ages to figure out why the viewer wasn't working.  After a ton of time, I found that if I deleted the pre-load code as well as the roll-over code that Dreamweaver CS4 generates, everything works perfectly.  The only issue is, I can't seem to use roll-over images on the pages that have your viewer.  Any ideas?

Thanks mate.  If you want, I can post a working page without the roll-over code and one with so you can take a look.  Just let me know.



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Hi everyone,

Ok - I am going to try and make sense -

In autoviewer pro, instead of having the first image light up, is there anyway of making the "middle" image on screen that one that is lit up as the gallery scrolls?  In other words, is there a way to have the image in the middle of the screen light up instead of the first one?  I have "static var leftAlignImages" set to true as I like how the images suck to the left much better than when it is set to false but in saying that, I was wondering if there was a way to make the "middle" image the one that lights up all the time as the gallery moves from left to right.  I do understand that if you have a variety of image sizes this may look odd but if I use the same size photos in the gallery, it might look really sweet.  Can anyone help?

Thanks again Felix - your work is WICKED!


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Hi everyone,

Using Tiltviewer Pro, is there a way to link to the "Full Screen" option without having to use the right-click feature?  What I am after is this - instead of relying on the end user to use the right-click funtion to view "Full Screen", I would like to add a text link within the page that says, "Click here to view the gallery full screen".  Catch my drift?

Tiltviewer is wicked and so is the full screen option but I know a lot of people that had no clue that the full screen option was available without me having to describe it in full on the actual page that has the viewer embedded in it.

Thanks for listening!


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Thanks Felix.  Yet again, prompt service that ROCKS.


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Do I need to redownload the version or can I add these variables within the code myself?

Thanks Felix.


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Hi Caxton,

I am sure you have figured this out already but you can alter the XML file where the images load from.  For each image you do not want the "flip" arro wto appear, do this -

<photo imageurl="imgs/8.jpg" showFlipButton="false">

Add the showFlipButton="false" to each of the images within the XML file that powers your gallery.

I hope that helps.


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Not too sure if this is the best answer but we tested the gallery on a laptop and the mouse pointer was set to fast.  By slowing down the mouse pointer speed, it made the gallery not move around so fast.  So, for now, this is at least a good fix.  But, if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks again!


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Worked like a charm.  Modified the div tags on the page and it views just like IE.  Cheers for that mate.


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Hi there Felix and the gang,

I was wondering if there is a way we can slow down the "tilt" in the pro viewer?  I have had a few people say that the functionality is sweet but the speed at which the gallery moves is a bit too fast.  Is there a way?

Thanks for everyone's help.


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Hi -

I created a gallery using the Tiltviewer PRO and in Firefox, it is showing up much smaller than in IE.  In IE, it looks perfect, but in Firefox it is almost 1/3 the size.

Anyone know why?

Thanks to anyone that helps out and thanks Felix for producing such a kicka** piece of Flash.