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feed from an mp3 file located in web folder would be nice.

not a complicated playlist and a player but a single toggle button to play a simple short melody.


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like 2 small optional backgrounds side by side behind the image and thumbs.

optinal resizable (related to images) panels would be nice. 2 panels side by side, 1 for image, 1 for thumbs.

panel1.jpg, panel2.jpg or html colors or default is nothing.

this is a very pretty and professionally made gallery.

thought you might wanna check it out. (not mine!)

not simpleviewer but might give you an idea of a different style application prepared for a pro.


check this out.



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i saw a similar post where admin was telling go open library and pick arrow then edit the size shape whatever.

how do you turn off the mouse scroll wheel off?

one more question :D

i need a small flash media player integrated on right top of screen into viewer.

Mute and play buttons only and text field for 2 selections of songs.

Any help appreciated. Thanks

one more question; i want to resize the whole viewer ot be slightly larger than image and thumbs instead of the viewer occupying the whole screen. How can i do that? Thanks

where is the donwload link in pro viewer? I want to modify it and change the text and link to some other place but it is missing. any help?


I just bought pro. Like it.

i have few questions. I am a programmer too so i am trying to figure things out. If you can help me out which object is where.. what to modify. Thanks.

1. first i want to change the location of caption. if you can help me with that. move it under right under images(i wonder it may not work because of image resize)
2. i need to add "contact" text hyperlinked to a site in the flash page itself. Dont want html, i want it in flash bottom.
3. I want to include a rectangular single frame behind image and thumbs so i can create dimension on the page by differentiation background / that frame's color.

Thanks for answers.