How do I change it and what do I have to do? I dont know anything about HTML. So how should I change it around? I used the same HTML it told me too, so where did I go wrong?

So am I supposed to change any of the HTML that they give me to cut and paste? I know that it mentioned I need to remember the SWF file which I did but am I supposed to change something? www livwithmakeup com / photogallery
Thanks, I am so confused here but I feel like I am making progress already

from what I see, many people are having this problem. I am seriously about to pull my hair out. So, I have read over the forums and took all the advice I can get and still nothing. I have even put all the photos and html file in the same folder (website page) and still nothing comes up. Am I supposed to link the swfobject.js to something? If so what? all I get is a blank page. it doesnt even tell me that I need to get flash anymore

Can anyone help me, I have to get this done as a school project and nothing seems to work