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Thanks so much....after going through I did find a few more errors and fixed them.  :D


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Yeah there are close to 80 in there but the navigation arrows aren't.  Would it maybe have something to do with my comments?  Also, I was reading that the view works better if it has 50 images or less and I would love to create mulitple galleries and have one navigation bar but I have no idea how to add that it.  I would just be happy with being able to view the navigation arrows for now... :lol:   I can work on the other stuff after that.... :D

Here is a link to the gallery



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I have ftp'd everything on to my server.  I can see my layouts however I can only see one page!  My navigating arrows are non-existant.  I have entired captions for each photo and wondering if that is why I can't see them?  I tried using the buildgallery.php but I didn't like how it sort the photos and it removed all my captions.  I have no idea on how to edit it so I removed it and the gallery.xml and reuploaded just the gallery.xml but doing that removed the arrows.  Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong....I have been going in circles for hours... :lol: