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Hi there Alex,

I have a question for you. I have been able to customize all aspects of the my simple viewer pro , except I went in and changed the loading bar visible to false and it still shows up. I am not sure. I changed this option in the options.as file. .but it is not working. I was wondering if there was a setting elsewhere I could change. .or even if it was possible to just change the location of the loading bar?

thanks in advance

I read the portion of the manual that says I can add the flash code generated by the simple viewer to my own page. I do this and then try to upload this file to my server and I get an error. So I tried changing the permissions on the folder and I cannot. Without being able to change the permissions on the folder I cannot upload this file that I have been desperately trying to upload. .The only solution I can find is to pull that folder down and reupload somewhere else..then i can load the new 'pretty page' but then it defeats the purpose of having the sv manager. .I can modify any other permissions on folders -just not those ones generated by by the sv manager. .am at a loss?