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Does anyone know if there is a way to point someone to a specific photo in a gallery?

For example i might want to show someone a specific photo but currently have to say; go to this gallery in this section and it's the 10th photo in that gallery. A bit long winded! Would like to just send them a URL...

Thanks :)

Yep that's what I concluded. Thanks for looking anyway

sorry you will need to navigate to any of the sections; kitchens living rooms etc

as far as I know it's all of them.

address is dubdubdubdot newmediatree dot com slash test slash guezmode

as you will see the left hand beige box is the reason behind having a div layer over the top, it's the only way I can find to keep it positioned correctly when resizing the browser window (i.e. there is a table inside a 100% div layer).

I may have missed something obvious and be able to achieve this positioning without the div covering the viewer, not sure?

Hi Monkeyboy, thanks for taking the time out to post.

Unfortunately there is only one line related to overflow in html (overflow: hidden;) and this doesn't seem to have any effect when removed.

Thanks again for responding

Hi, love the slideviewer, shame so many questions go unanswered!

I have a div layer over my slideviewer that has to be there in order to keep content positioned correctly when resizing the browser window. For some strange reason having a layer over the viewer (I have utilised "wmode", "opaque") stops the next and previous buttons from functioning although they appear and disappear as you roll over. Can't understand why one function of the button (i.e. show/hide) works but not the other (move to next/previous image).

Any clues please??

Hi, I would like to know if anyone has found a way to stop the first main image from loading but still have the thumbnails appear.

I would like to have a gallery on each page of my website but just display  HTML content and the thumbnails until the user clicks a thumbnail, at which point the main image would load.

I am guessing that part of the action script can be altered so that the movie that contains the main image doesn't run automatically but starts playing when a thumbnail is clicked?

Any help greatly appreciated!