ok thanks once again, I will try and see if it works......

Another thing! Ive seen somewhere on the site examples of simpleviewer galleries with background images, does anyone have a link to these examples? I cant seem to find them. I want to see the examples...I know how to add a background image but I would like to see the examples...


ok thank you, Ive read question 16. and as far as I can understand I simply copy the simpleviewer folder, and then link my thumbnails to each different folder and it will work correct?

Hi, Im making a gallery page for a website for an aquarium. The page is many different thumbnail images that onclick open a simpleviewer gallery with image that correspond to that gallery. How can I do this? is it possible to use many simpleviewer galleries?

Please help, its urgent as ive got a deadline....


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I know its been asked but I still cant do it. Do I put the viewer or the html code and if so what html code?

I want to put the simpleviewer inside one of my div tags and for it to be centered inside the div tag.

Please help!