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Thanks Jack.
I am going to work on this and see if I can resolve (and learn) how to relate the paths. It would be nice to have the galleries be able to auto list and be stylized by css.

Since a client may not be adept with physically creating this index themselves, hence why the option would be nice.

Again, thanks for the reply and a great application.

EDIT: I requested a new download file and this seemed to work. All is working.
I have the latest release of Simpleviewer Pro (1.8.5) and here is my problem:

I am trying to publish from the source simpleviewer.fla and it appears to work fine. (Using Adobe Flash CS3) However, when I copy the published file to my gallery folder I notice that the image next button does not appear. Well it does, but only on the first image. It is only available on the left hand side of my image - sometimes. It will not show once I go to the NEXT image. It's not there.

I have tried the original viewer.swf that comes in the zip package and it works fine. I've copied it into my gallery and the NEXT and PREV image buttons work.

Only when I publish the source file do things change.  My guess is the working SWF file in the package was published from a different FLA file or perhaps the AS files are different?

Or is it perhaps Flash CS3 that may be the culprit? I can't tell because I receive no publishing errors.

I have even copied the SWF file into the examples folder provided and I get the same problem - no NEXT button. I did this test with absolutely no changes to any of the source files provided in the package.

Anyone else having this issue or am I doing something incorrectly?


(2 replies, posted in svManager)

I know this has been answered previously as a "no-can-do", however, I'm not quite convinced it's impossible?

I was looking at how the index.php is working under the svmanager folder.
Is it possible to use this code elsewhere outside of this folder?

  // set number of columns for table or zero for unordered list
  $columns = 2;
  // generate table of links  
  require '../svmanager/includes/constants.php';
  require '../svmanager/classes/indexpage.php';
  error_reporting&#40;&#40;DEBUG&#41; ? E_ALL &#58; E_ERROR&#41;;
  $indexPage = &new IndexPage&#40;&#41;;
  print $indexPage->getHtml&#40;$columns&#41;;

I have this index.php in the root and , as you can see, I changed the require to the location, but, this does not work. My index comes up fine, however I get the "No Galleries" showing.  Either way, my lack of PHP understanding is showing.

I just need to know if there is absolutely no way to list the galleries automatically.


Howdy. I just implemented the simpleviewer and it's working great for me so far! Thanks very much!
For those interested to see how I've incorporated it - check it here: