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Can I modify SVPro to accomodate a Video Gallery in the same format.

ie Thumbs on the left and when clicked, load the video in the Main window?

Thoughts  :?:


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Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I am on a deadline, blurg!

I need the photo to fade in.
Maybe it does now, but I'll need the fade to be longer, like a 5 second fade in after you click on the thumb.

It looks like I'll need to purchase SimpleViewer Pro to change the captioning.

Thanks again for you help!


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I love this program.

I need to know if it can be customized in these 2 ways.

1.  I need the photos to fade-in when you select the thumbnail.


2. I need the caption to appear under the photo being viewed instead of under the rows of thumbs.

Can this be done and if so how?!

Thanks you for any light you can shed.