It works perfectly!
I don't know how to thank you ...
I am trying for months and nothing!

Now all my site is working
www melhoresalbuns com

Thank you very much!

I don't know what is better. Move host or try to use the  "imagecreatefrompng ()" function to enable the hotlink in my site.

But thanks for everything!
Your help was very important...

I think this two examples will concludes the discussion!

A friend has upload a working gallery and send to me exactly the same files and I upload it too.

Here is the two links:

// paginas terra com br / lazer/ thiagokalbusch / rio / index html
(working on Firefox)

// www melhoresalbuns com / rio / index html
(My gallery, NOT working on Firefox)

Remember, the files are exactly the same!
Now I'm sure that the problem is the Awardspace!

What do you think about it?


I've been able to recreate your problem on a server that allows hotlinking so I'm not convinced that this is the problem.
Using "/" as the imagePath and thumbPath works for me in both browsers when uploaded to the server but I've just noticed that it doesn't work on my desktop PC.
However, using "./" works in both browsers from the server and my hard drive.
If that still does not work, try moving your images to a separate folder and define the path in gallery.xml.

I will try that!

Perhaps the problem is really hotlink protection!
I did a Google search and found many people with the same problem.
The Awardspace does not allow the use of hotlinks and it appears that the way the Firefox access the images is interpreted as hotlink by Awardspace.

But I found one user who says there is a gap in relation to PHP "Awardspace lets you hotlink if you use php GDs imagecreatefrompng () function."

But I do not know how to use this code!

No. I've try this but still not working.
And with this code "imagePath="/" thumbPath="/"" the page don't work in IE too!

I have done a little experimenting and think I might have found a solution to your problem.

In your "gallery.xml" file, replace:

imagePath="" thumbPath=""


imagePath="/" thumbPath="/"

But there's something wrong.
Because the file was there all the time!
But anyway, I have update the site now and the SV Gallery still doesn't working for me on the Firefox.

This one for exemple, have all the files working fine in the Internet Explorer and nothing in the Firefox!!!!
www melhoresalbuns com / bruna / fotosbruna html

I'm having a problem to do my SV galery open in the Firefox.
But the same page works very well on the Internet Explorer.

I already try everything.
Please, somebody help me!

Here is the link:
www melhoresalbuns com / lygia / fotoslygia html


PS. Sorry about my english.


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My Flash version is the 9.0 and I still have the same problem.