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Where in the .as files is the abilitiy to change the position of the Simpleviewer preloader? I can't seem to change its location within the .fla file.


I've customized the mutliple gallery example and now I want two sections that load up something other than another gallery. How do I do that? For instance, I'm trying to load a Contact Form for the Contact section (with a button named mcGal8) and it keeps trying to load a gallery. The Contact Form is labeled and on a different frame a little further down the timeline.

mcGal8.onRelease = function(){

function loadContactForm() {
    gotoAndPlay("contactform"); //assuming you want to skip forward some in the same movie clip

Where can I set the alignment options for the caption? I want them to be aligned centered and not left. I tried doing it in the .fla file and that didn't work. I also do not see anything in the .as files for this option.


I actually figured that out late last night after I made this initial reply but thank you Felix for being so responsive. Cheers!

So I started out using this thing and customized the .as files located deep within the Source folder, which is for the Single Gallery example. Now I've realized I want the Multiple Gallery option and that I can just make changes that resemble what I've customized for the Single Gallery, but there's a problem. There are no .as files to edit, which I used to edit the position of everything the first time around.

Please help.


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How can I make the Caption text have a centered alignment in the text field? I don't see any alignment options in any of the .as files and messing with the text field's alignment in the .fla doesn't work either.

Please help.