Hello !

I'm currently using the SimpleViewer-Pro v1.8.5.
Can I upgrade to V.2 from this version like the v.1.9 ?
Or I have to do something before ?

Thank you !

HELP! Anyone know?  :cry:

Sorry for my english, I have just purchased Simple viewer Pro and svmanager.
Everything works fine but I still have a problem.

I have embedded simple wiewer into à flash site, but just a single gallery.
I have tried this code :

_root.xmlDataPath = "./g1/gallery.xml";

It works fine offline but obviously it doesn't work online, my website doesn't find the pictures, I still have some X where the caption should be.
All filenames in "gallery.xml" end are in ".jpg" (lowercase) and the captions texts are working...

So, what's the problem ? :/

Thank you !