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I've change website to w w w . taborda.com.pt


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Hello all

Nobody understand my question ou it's hard to explain? I just want to know and understand all situations to buy pro version



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I have postcardviewer embebed in a html builder (websitex5). I created
several subcategories to view pages. When I click on a postcardviewr I can't see anymore subcategories, I need to click on a non-postcardviewer page to make all normal. It's seen related to a parameter on SWFObject that don't let any window to show up.

Note: Sorry my english, I'm not English and cause it's hard to explain, i let my website, w w w . taborda . com . pt /Teste

Anyone can help me?
Thanks in advance


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Thanks for help


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Hi all

Can I write portugueses letters in photos, like "á", "à",  "ç",  "ã"?



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I found where i can change


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I am embedding the postcard viewer on a page that is in a different directory than the viewer, image files, and .xml. The viewer is loading correctly, but none of the images are being pulled in - the postcard viewer area is just blank.


I know this kind of post allready was posted here, but was long time ago and information don't fit now.

I have several (hundred) of photos to put in a webpage and want visitors to scroll web page via vertical scrollbar. I realy want to know how i can enable vertical scrollbar, cause i didn't find anyplace to enable it.

Note: I did

"remove Code:
overflow: hidden;
from your index.html source. "

Didn't work

"12. How can I add a vertical scrollbar to my SimpleViewer gallery ?
Remove this line from index.html:

overflow-y: hidden"

Didn't work

Can sameone help me?