Hey JinXter,

Never let anyone tell you backing up isn't good for you!
I took a quick look in the Options.as file for 1.9 and did not see anything that stood out.

As for 2 links in one caption, I'm going to say no. Your example sounds more like something you would code into a flash file - a file that has the Simpleviewer nested in it. You may want to think over how you want people to view and navigate your site.

Hope this helps.

Hi JinXter,

Using a 1.8 version of SimpleViewer viewer.swf I was able to get a caption link to open with a target of _self in your page. You are using the latest version - 1.9 and I have not had a chance to play with the Options settings yet.


Hi JinXter

Sorry about that - jumped to conclusions as I did not see the gallery first thing.

_top, _parent and _self did not work for me either. Blank seems to be the only way. However, did you try uploading the file to your server with the other target choices or did you test them locally? That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.


Would using SimpleViewer embedded in another Flash file solve the problem? That would enable you to create a menu to access the different galleries.

Just a thought.

Not seeing anything that has to do with SimpleViewer.
Just a sales pitch. Am I missing something here?


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Hi Felix,

The re-download worked. No more errors.
I don't have the output record handy at the moment. I'll post it in a few days.

Thanks again.


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Hi Felix, Thanks for the reply.

I've gone so far as to chuck the SimpleViewer folder that's generating the errors, unzip a fresh version of 1.8.5 - but it's still giving me the same results: a viewer.swf in the fresh web folder that when viewed has only the title string from the XML file and the two arrows that accompany the thumbs.

If the text from the Output window will help, I'll include it.

Things I suspect:
- Why isn't my version 1.8 doing this.
- In the Publish Settings dialog box, Current profile says Flash MX Settings. (I switched it back to default to see if there was a difference, but nothing.)
- My copy of 1.8.5 is possessed.

Please advise.

I have been using SimpleViewer Pro 1.8.5 with no problems at all. I've made  different galleries with different options, and never had a Publish problem until now.

For no reason that I can think of, I now get:

3 Errors along this line: The class or interface 'com.airtightinteractive.utils.TweenExtended' could not be loaded.

14 Warnings along these lines: There is no class or package with the name 'com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer.Thumb' found in package 'com.airtightinteractive.apps.viewers.simpleViewer'.

Any clues would be helpful.

If you are working in Flash, make a button and use this actionscript in the timeline:

on (press) {

Hope this helps.

Thanks - that seem to have helped. The roll-overs seem to behave better now. At this time I can't give out a URL as its a work in progress for someone else.

I seem to remember something about the area that a Flash animation occupies being sensitive to items being in front of it - something about frame rates. Different browsers treat it differently. A good example: look at Adobe's web site in Safari and Firefox and in both, roll over the top menu as there movie is playing. The rollover menu in Safari does not fair well.

I set the zindex for the div to 1 for the Flash movie and the css roleovers still mis-behave. Was wondering if it has something to do with pseudo classes in the css.

I have a Simpleviewer gallery online.
It's working just fine. It's in its own div and behaving.

I have a CSS navigation menu just to the left of the movie. This menu has drop-down sub-menus that just happen to fall over the Gallery. I have done some reading from other posts in this forum, and came across the wmode, opaque line for the javascript. Even with this, the :hover states are still dropping out or showing intermittently.

Also, Safari and Firefox display this error, but in slightly different manors.
Any ideas as to how to get rid of the bad behavior?

Any help would be appreciated.