Hi Felix,

I'm having a horrible time with this.  Exactly where in which .as file would I do this?

Hmmm.  I guess an easier way to do this would to allow SVP to look for an imagePath and thumbPath per image. 

Felix do you think this is possible?

Something like.


This is something that I really need to implement on my site and am curious to what the best way is to accomplish it.


Thanks for the reply Felix.

Basically the imagePath and thumbPath work fine if all the photos in that gallery are from the same direct location.  I'm looking for a solution if the photos are coming from all different locations.  Specifying each image with it's own image and thumb path.

Like if I wanted these all in the same gallery or imageData xml file:


Basically I'm trying to pattern match if the filename has "http://" in it and if it does change the imagePath and thumbPath to reflect the direct path to the image, then replace "/images/" with "/thumbs/" to reflect the change in thumbnail location.

Does that make sense?  I've been messing around with the code for 3 days now trying to get the match and replacement to work, but I'm not too handy when it comes to Actionscript and it bails. 

Any thoughts?

I've been a user since 1.7, but I just updated my code with 1.8.
There are some galleries on my site that still use my perl script to generate galleries, but most of them make use of SVP now.



Okay.  I'm fairly certian the image location can happen here in the ImageArea.as.

        for (var i : Number = 0; i <= mXMLManager.imageCount-1; i++) {           
            mImages[i] = new Image(mImageHolder_mc, i, mXMLManager.imagePath + mXMLManager.imageFileNames[i],this);
            mImageLoadQueue[i] = i;                   

However, my edit bails hard.  Also I need to find out where to substitue the thumb path as well.

It's driving me nuts!

Hello everybody!

This is complicated.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So in the gallery.xml file we usually have something like this.


What I'd like to do is something like this. 


So I think in the XMLManager.as file I want to do something that searches the individual file name for "http:".  If that exists change the imagePath and thumbPath to the specified URL.  This allows cross gallery linking without uploading a bunch of the same images.

I know how to do it in perl.  Something like this.

if ($line =~ /http:/) {
$imagelocation = "$line";

But I'd like to do it all in a nice clean flash friendly way.

Any ideas?

Also, if possible is there a way to alter the SVP to look for imageData.xml as opposed to gallery.xml?  I haven't found that in my digging around yet.  I have scripts that auto generate galleries and I don't want to rewrite the entire world.