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I figured it out myself! Yay! I'm not sure how I did it...now it's all a blur but it works.


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by default SimpleViewer-Pro does not show the 'Simpleviewer' text on the preloader. If you want to modify the preloader, check section 2.6 in the docs here..

Hmmm, I think I thought it showed  'Simpleviewer" during the loading because I've been previewing it in Lightroom (Web tab). I haven't actually published it onto my website yet (don't know how...will attempt to learn later). So every time I go into the "Web" tab to view my collection of images, it says "Simpleviewer loading navigation" and then "Simpleviewer loading image." The thing is, I downloaded the Pro version and replaced the viewer. swf file into my Lightroom contents folder and the Simpleviewer download icon that normally sits in the lower right hand corner automatically disappeared so I think I was on the right track. I tried to edit the preloader by editing the loader in Adobe Flash but after I saved it (it says it will convert to Flash CS3 and drop the Flash 8 format - is that okay?), I was at a loss as to how to republish it for all the changes to show up. And yes, I did tried to follow the instructions but I think I messed up somehow... Help?


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Hi everyone,

I am super new to Simpleviewer but I just purchased the Pro version so I could attempt to customize it a bit more to my liking. One of the things I am trying to get rid of is the simpleviewer logo that shows up at the center of the page during the pre-loading. Right now it reads "Simpleviewer Loading Gallery." How can I change that to something I like, such as "Loading, please be patient." Do I do this in Adobe Flash? If so, how? I'm terribly sorry but you'll have to explain the steps to me in detail since I am a complete beginner! Thanks in advance!