Resorting images from Flickr is not supported by TiltViewer. There are a few workarounds:
- Sort your images using Flickr Organizer.
- Use an XML gallery to sort your images.
- Use a server side script to query flickr and resort the XML before passing to TiltViewer.


I do not understand how I can change the order of my photos on Tiltviewer by sorting my images with the Flickr Organizer.

It appears that Tiltviewer automatically sorts photos based on the order of my Flickr photostream. The problem is, the Flickr photostream itself is only able to sort images based on the date of upload. It is unable to sort images by date taken or randomly.

To see what I mean, please compare my Tiltviewer (www edwardto com) with my Flickr photostream (www flickr com/edwardto)

Any help please? I am especially interested in sorting images by RANDOM and DATE TAKEN.

Thank you.

Currently, my images are all automatically organized by the most recently uploaded picture first. Is it possible to change the order, let's say by set order, collection order, date taken etc?

Most importantly, is it possible to RANDOMIZE the order of images displayed on Tiltviewer pro?

Thank you. Just to clarify, I am using the tiltviewer/Flickr sync mode.

My tiltviewer can be found at www edwardto com


I have Tiltviewer pro installed at www edwardto com to showcase my photography from Flickr, and I was just wondering, when viewers view my photography via Tiltviewer, do the views contribute towards my photos' view counts on Flickr?

Thank you, please respond.


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My photography can be found at

www edwardto com



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I am also VERY interested if this would be possible. I too agree that the full screen option is too awesome to go by unnoticed.

Felix, please let us pro users know if this could possibly be enabled for us.