I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly but what you describe is just how PHP works.  Take an example from the galleries index (thumbnails) page. Look at the index.php file in a text editor and you will see:

<p class="adminlink"><a href="<?php print $adminLink; ?>">Admin Sign In</a></p>

The code inside the php tags is telling the web server to print out the contents of the $adminLink variable and show it in the browser. What the browser sees is not the code but the stuff that is printed out from the code. So when you do a 'View source' in the browser you will see something like this:

<p class="adminlink"><a href="svmanager.php">Admin Sign In</a></p>

PHP running on the server has printed out the string of characters 'svmanager.php' in place of the variable $adminLink.

What this means in practice is if you are trying to customize a page with embedded code inside php tags <?php ... ?> then leave the stuff inside the tags to do its work and just mess around with the regular html and css.

Hope I'm understanding you correctly and hope I haven't confused you further.


Hi Jack, thank you for replying. Am trying to customize the gallery index page, but the index.php in my gallerys folder does not have the script you wrote. The script you wrote is the one am trying to find to edit. I search through all the folders for the index.php script and they all do not script like that how you described it. I am using dreamweaver cs4 and when I try to edit the index.php dreamweaver translates the script to (SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click to view gallery.) 

Here is a list of folders in my ftp.

Art  (is the name of my gallery folder)
      Art’s sub-folders and scripts in bold.


Please if you can help me find the index.php that handles my gallery index. Thank you very much for you help.

Am trying to customize my index page(index.php), but for some reason the script code in index.php is different then what is found in the actual page in the brower when I source it. I tried cut and pasting the codes in the source into the index.php changing the title of a word just to test for any kind of change so I can experienment with it in a php editor and it doesn't work properly. It does affect it so I know am working on the right index.php file from my FTP folders. I looked everywhere for the index.php that matched the codes from the source codes I got from the browser, but there is known. I would love to put document pictures of what am talking about  with script codes of files, FTP file folder page if I may so I can help explain.


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Wow, very nice and clean website. Photos look great as well :D


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Hi every, I apologize for my goof ness in advance. Am struggling a bit, but eventually will get it. Anyhow, for some reason my website works fine in my web browser, but not on AOL. When am on AOL and try to go to my website I get this code  ?106b0bc0 appearing after the web address. Sometime it appears and then it doesn’t. My website works fine outside of AOL. Please help if any one knows what that code is. Thank you again for your tremendous patiences.


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Is there any way to customize the admin sign in page look? The page in which is all black and has the admin sign in at the top right. What script handles the admin sign in page? I wanted to post a picture of what am talking about, but it failed to get approved. Thanks everyone and a happy new year.


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Anyone know how to hide the admin sign in page. I want my visiters to my website to go directly to the gallery without having to see the admin sign in page. Thanks folks.