Thanks for the detailed reply. Does that hold for WP-SimpleViewer galleries created via NextGEN too? If so, I'll probably give it a try.

Oops, the notification about your reply ended up in my spam folder so I just saw it now!

I'd certainly consider switching to Juicebox.  However, I'd much prefer consistency across the website. If you could code up a plugin to convert all WP-Simpleviewer galleries to WP-Juicebox, that would be amazing...

I found a workaround: it turns out that in Wordpress 5 a new post/page editor was introduced. The old one can still be used by installing a plugin called Classic Editor. After installing and activating the plugin, the editor reverts to the old version, and I can add a Simpleviewer gallery as usual. I kind of prefer the old editor anyway, so I'm ok with this solution for now, but perhaps not everyone will be...

After upgrading Wordpress to 5.0.3 it seems that the Add SimpleViewer Gallery button has disappeared from the console when editing a page/post. Is there another way to add a SimpleViewer gallery?

Thanks Steven, yes, let's do that - please let me know where to send the details.

Unfortunately, the problem is still there: I'm currently getting the "Gallery XML not found" error. Any other ideas?

Thanks! I've updated WP-Simpleviewer as well as the svcore directory from the latest Simpleviewer-Pro. In the meantime I noticed that even as is (before the above updates though), the gallery sometimes showed correctly and sometimes showed the error. I'll post here again if I find that the galleries are broken again, but fingers crossed that that solved the problem.

As I expected, with no further changes, the galleries stopped working again, giving the same error. I could try updating WP-Simpleviewer as you suggested, any other ideas?

Confusingly, I have observed that whenever I try switching to a newer version of NextGEN, the error message disappears for a day or so, and then comes back. So, right now the galleries actually appear fine, but I'm fairly sure they will break again very soon.

Since I wrote this original post, I've been dancing around this problem: it seemed to exist with any new version NextGen, forcing me to go back to that old version 2.0.27. Every now and then I'd update the plugin by mistake, find out that the galleries were not working, and had to go back to that old version. This was not ideal, but at least the galleries were viewable. This time, even going back to the old version doesn't seem to solve the issue.

I'm currently using WP-Simpleviewer 2.3.4 with NextGEN 2.1.23 on Wordpress 4.4.2, hosted by Bluehost. The error shown for all galleries is still "Gallery XML not found". When I tried switching back to NextGEN 2.0.27, I now got a different error, something like "no images in XML". The error can be seen in the gallery at the bottom of most recent blog posts on

Any help on this would be much appreciated!

Also, I don't think it's a server/php issue, since as I mentioned before, I have another WP site on the same server, on the same account, and it works fine. Perhaps it's a the theme or another plugin that is misbehaving...?

Hi Steven - thanks for your help. I'd consider that, but we're just about to go away for ten days so it's not the best timing (I'd rather be around in case trouble develops). Perhaps when we get back...

Oh, and the version of NextGEN I'm using is 2.0.27. The reason I'm using such an old version is that something like what's happening now occurred already once in the past. I thought that enough versions had gone past that it would be fixed by now, but maybe not.

Hi Steven,

Unfortunately, even though everything was working fine last night, I checked again this morning and I have the same error message again! I now restored my plugins again from a few days ago and will refrain from updating NextGEN to see what happens. If the error stays away, I'll have to remember not to update it ever again...


I restored my plugins to the condition that they were in three days ago, and now all is well...  I then updated NextGEN to the current version (I was using 2.0.27 before all this happened) and still all is well. So, this is not really a good solution, but it did work.

Thanks for the quick reply. Unfortunately that did not work - I still get the same error. I doubt it is related to a server php issue, since: 1. I have another blog on the same server, with the same plugins, in which the blog works fine. 2. It was working fine until yesterday and I doubt anything changed in the configuration of the server.


I recently updated NextGEN and now get an error for all my Simpleviewer galleries: "Gallery XML not found". As far as I can tell the permissions of the svcore folder are fine. Any idea what's happening? Here's an example:].

It's weird since I have another website on the same server, with the same versions of Simpleviewer and NextGEN, with just one gallery that does work:

I tried going back to a previous version of NextGEN and that didn't seem to do the trick - the galleries disappeared completely, instead of giving the above error. I also tried the newer version of Simpleviewer, which didn't solve the problem.

Currently using WP-Simpleviewer 2.3.22 and NextGEN

(PS: I'm a pro user of Simpleviewer)


Thanks Steven, that sounds like a reasonable explanation. I tried both the .htaccess solution and php.ini and neither has worked so far. It seems the .htaccess will not work on Bluehost, since it is run as CGI (whatever that means). I also tried php.ini, but I read that that file specifies settings per directory (with no inheritance to sub-folders), so I'm wondering which folder is the key folder that I should put the php.ini in? I tried public-html and wp-content, but no luck.

Thanks for looking into this, I guess I will indeed stay with the current version of NextGEN, and try to update again in a few months.

I noticed that when my captions have quotation marks in them or apostrophes (entered when editing the gallery with NextGEN) and maybe other "special" characters, the caption on WP-Simpleviewer has a slash added. For example, the caption "What's that" might be replaced with "What\'s that". It would be great if you could fix this!

Yesterday I upgraded the NextGEN gallery plugin to version 2.0.30. Today I noticed that the WP-Simpleviewer galleries were not working, despite working fine before (see The error I got is "No images specified in gallery XML", right in the middle of the gallery box that displayed in black, with no images. I downgraded the NextGEN gallery to 2.0.27, and everything returned to normal. I suspect that NextGEN have changed something in the latest version (or perhaps one or two previous) that is not compatible with the way Simpleviewer works?

I actually find that the fact that I have to upload the svcore folder every time I update WP-Simpleviewer is a bit annoying. Any chance you can change this to update automatically? It would be more user friendly. Perhaps the part that indicates that I am a pro user, and that does not change, can be separated from the part that does change? (for example, pro folder never changes after initial upload, svcore folder automatically upgraded for each version). It's not a big deal, just one of those things that I think users will appreciate. Especially new pro users who don't realize that pressing the update button means their galleries get messed up (temporarily - such as showing just the first 50 photos, the Simpleviewer logo, etc).

Thanks for your help! Since solving this seems somewhat involved, for now I´ve simply changed the number of blog posts that appear on the main page to one and that kind of solves the problem.

I recently bought the pro version, and it is great, thanks!

I have a problem where a gallery in a blog post overlaps the top of the previous post. See the gallery at the end of the post on Panama at The problem does not appear on my tablet which does not have Flash, but disabling Flash did not solve the problem for the desktop. Another post suggested changing the transparency, but that didn't work either. I'd appreciate any help on this.

What if I cannot run svBuilder? For example, what if I don't have my own computer with me, and I'm using a public computer at an internet cafe for a short time? This is an actual scenario I'm considering, since I'm leaving on a five month cycle touring trip to Central America in two weeks... I guess in that case I could run BuildGallery. But ideally (for me) there would be a way to do it using WP-Simpleviewer (but maybe there isn't).