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I finally did it with postcardviewer - slightly modified . See it here : http://www.tennis-junior-repentigny.com … index.html

Willkey... the last answer from Aross was ''browse and modify the symbols in the Library" is a very broad statement and I was just looking for a some more specific details about about how to do this.

SO i answered to that part.

About moving the arrows. It's easy in simpleviewer with fixed layout - not sure if it's the same in Autoviewer.


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Ok, the job is completed...

Postcardviewer acting as the portal for multiple simpleviewer galleries. Felix that is the kind of gallery portal i was talking about in the other topic, where thumbnail images lead to multiple galleries.

http://www.tennis-junior-repentigny.com … index.html

If you want to replace the arrows by something else (let's assume a pointing finger).

You load the FLA in FLash, open the symbols library, look for the graphic you want to change.

Remove the arrow graphic from the library (delete). Then add your new graphic and give it the same name as the arrows you just removed. Move your new graphic in the area where the arrows were on the clip (very important otherwise you wont see it). Save everything, then re-publish the FLA . Copy the new SWF to your folder and voila..


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You edit the gallery.xml file - the caption section..

<caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91; <font face="Myriad" size="14"><em>Caption about your image   </em></font><a href="../yourpage.html"><font face="Arial" size="10" color="#FF0000">   Exit</a></font>&#93;&#93;>

So you simply add the link in the caption section.


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It's all there in simpleviewer pro. You can set the position of all items to a specific x/y coordinates, given you'll be setting it to fixed layout.

I think it's just a wording thing. The Simpleviewer package can load other SWF (given the warning you mentionned above) - that is true...

But not the simpleviewer fla by itself.

Anyway, the basic  for that topic was to have an alternative to build multiple galleries under one flash window. An alternative other than the sample fla (multiple galleries.fla).

Don't take it bad Felix, we're all looking for ways to get more from an already well packed product.  :?

Ok then... it's not ''really'' simpleviewer loading swf, but another fla doing the loadclip of several simpleviewer (viewer.swf) instances. That's was my conclusion several post ago  :o .

Thanks for the clarification. At some point i though i'd missed something, but it's not the case at the end.

I'm looking at two solutions to solve my issue (using SV pro)

The issue :
The images in a single thumbnail is centered in a square. So if most of my images are showing the face of persons at the top of it, i can only see from the shoulder (and down) instead of their face because the image is centered in that square.

1-) is it possible to change the alignment inside the thumbnail square. How ?

2-) I've read that ''you can reduce the thumbnail size by setting the thumbnailWidth and thumbnailWidth AS Options''. Will that work even if i have both large or long images in the same gallery ? Let's say my thumbnail files are 100 X 67 and others are 67 X 100 . So how do i set those two vars (100 each) ?

Will the images be contained in the square or will the thumbnails adapt ''itself'' to use the form of the thumb images instead of a square ?

Welll... what is a thumbnail SWF  ... ? Let's say my SWF is called otherlib.swf , what does it mean to set a thumbnail SWF for it. Is it a JPG renamed to swf in the thumbnail folder ? or a JPG with the name otherlib.jpg. From what i understood, the name must be identical at both the file, the thumbnail, and the images. Where do we put the SWF - in the images folder ?

How can Simpleviewer load a SWF when there's no provision to load a clip in it ?

I'm curious to see how this is setup . What will the gallery.xml file look like (<image> section)  ? An exemple would be much appreciated to understand what really needs to be.

Felix, i'll be glad if this is really working (don't get me wrong), but the explanation were just enought to tease and just not enought to really understand the way it was working - up front.

The way i understands it.

The simpleviewer package does it, but not the simpleviewer fla. As i stated, one of the fla in the package does it and you have to adapt that fla to your needs (the sample can only load 2 swf - if you have more than that, then you need to adapt it).

Q23 is very ambigue as per what it can really do. And i have'nt seen one single explanation on how one can replace a JPG by a SWF. And there's no place in simpleviewer.fla nor the actionscript within, talking about SWF - all is image oriented (jpg, gif, png).

Waiting Felix - after all, he should know better than all of us  :lol:

Ok..... i see.

In the sample program (pro version), there's an FLA called ''multiple_galleries.fla'' . It does load other SWF under a button - not a thumbnail.

It's like i said in a previous message, simpleviewer loads images not clips. To load a clip, you need to have a loadclip command somewhere - the file i mentionned above is doing it (not simpleviewer) tough it is part of the package.

edit : or Felix forgot to tell how it does work  :shock:

I will try it again..... and let you know.

The thing is that simpleviewer show images... it does not load clips (swf).

I tried it several ways, it cannot be done within simpleviewer.

If you're really good at Flash and actionscript, you can code it  :shock:  :rolleyes:  , but the easiest way is to create a html page showing your thumbnails, and each of them will call a specific galleries. Or use the sample to create a html page with menus (buttons) - each one loading a gallery. (each gallery will need to be in it's own folder).

I'm currently working on something doing a kind of gallery portal using the code from postcardviewer - i'm not done yet with it.

Do you mean that you want to load another gallery by clicking on an image in the thumbnail area ?

Added :

Ok i figured it out. I added mCaption_mc._visible = true; at the end of the Position Caption section.

Now i need to make it bigger when zoomed out .

There's always something not easy to understand at first.. :rolleyes:

I'm kind of confuse on the way the IMAGE.as is working.

I'm trying to get the caption to show when it is zoomed out . I know i will have to do a resize to make it ''readable'' because it is zoomed out. But i'm not sure about the way i can do that within IMAGE.as .

Do i have to create a second instance so that i can display the caption under the zoomed out images or can i use the current - but still what needs to be added to let it show .

Line 68 is mClip_mc._visible = false; (to hide until load), but even if i put it to ''true'' it does'nt let the caption to be visible when zoomed out.

Can you give more details or a test web site so we could see what you are trying to do.

Basically the SWF file is called within a HTML page. If you want to call another SWF, have the first one to call that other page. And put that other page in a different folder than the first one.

If you have a page with the possibility to load more than one gallery, it's the same thing - each gallery should be in their own folder.


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Another solution is to create another layer (another swf) with just your logo image, then load that other swf from the simpleviewer preloader actionscript.

That way you bypass all the option stuff and html stuff with one line of code .

loadMovieNum&#40;"your_addon.swf", 1&#41;;


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If you put the image as a background in html, then you need to add that line of code with the other fo.addparam:

fo.addParam&#40;"wmode", "transparent"&#41;; 

If you use the backgroundImagePath option in gallery.xml, then your image needs to be as large as your window and you need to place the logo at the right place in that image.

Get in photoshop and create an image that will be 1024 pixels wide with the right background color. Then add your 250 pixels logo on that image at the right position, and save the image. And ''voila'' ... Your background image will be as large as your window and your logo will be at the right place.

Remember : if you change the size of the clip (not using 100%), then your background image will not fit anymore.

It all depends on what option(s) you are using and the way you setup your page. I prefer to use fixed layout because this is giving me more control on the way the clip will look. Doing so i have to let go the automatic resized. However, if you choose to run without fixed layout, then it might look good on your full screen with your current resolution, but might also look very strange in another browser or with a different resolution.

You have to test your clip under different browser and different resolution to make sure everything is always ok all the time.


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Hello Felix... here's my test page showing integration between Postcardviewer and Simpleviewer.


replace the | sign by . (dots).

I'm still not done with that first page (PcV). You click on the picture - it'll get bigger, then you click on the name and you'll gain access to that gallery. Eventually, there will be multiple pictures on the first page leading to multiple galleries - thus creating a portal for all the galleries.

The main goal was to have a portal with the same feel/look as the galleries. Still some work to do, but looking good so far.

I'm using the photoshop script to build the galleries - so as you can see i did some mods in it as well ;-) to automate the process. The PHp solution could not helped because i need to reprocess the pictures with watermarks.

:?: I need to get the caption in PcV to show even if it's zoomed out and also to have them out of the picture (under it) :?:  :arrow:  :idea:  - then i will be a happy customer (or web master) :lol:


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Be carefull.. the last solution to put it in simpleviewer.fla will work - but this is the least elegant way of doing such thing. And this is where you will need dreamweaver - to put the image at the right place and to re-publish it. That way it will not be cropped by window resizing.

The cheat might be your best bet and easiest way to give you an idea on the final look of your modification. Then you will decide if it's worth it or not.

Try all solutions and test on different browser.

If you change any program, fla, as ... whatever.. Never do that without backing up all the product.. In other words, do your stuff with a test copy of all your packages, library, folders, etc.   NOT with your originals . It is quite easy to screw alot of things in there.


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Do you mean to place the same picture on all pages, positionned on top of the thumbnails ?

Put it as a background image. That's what i've seen on many sites using  Simpleviewer. It's a cheat but it works. Just fill a jpg with your background color and add the logo or whatever image in it at the right position. Then use the jpeg image as the background.

You can also do it in html page, but as you said this will used up x pixels from the page lowering/pushing the flash layout. You can still achieve a good result by adjusting the overall position of the thumbs and picture to keep a proportional view.. Take a look at the sample from the package, there's one where you have a header, side menu, and footer. This can tell you how to code it.

Another solution is to put the image or logo in the simpleviewer.fla form (the black square in dreamweaver), then publish the updated viewer.swf. That is , if you want the same image to appear everywhere for that set of galleries.

Felix, the valign to top is working, but there's still another gap of pixels left at the top . That's why i prefer the fixed layout with some tweeking.  :) 

Unless there's a parm i'm not aware to remove that last gap.  :oops:


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Yes of course, to look like that sample it is a big thing. But i might be close with postcardviewer as per there's already provision to show a set of pictures and the possibility to anchor a link on each of them using the caption ... If i can make it work.

I'm already using an html page listing the galleries with photos and links - so that's what i want to replace with a flash interface.

I have SV pro. I haven't looked at the manager; i will. Thanks.