No, I have not considered what will happen.........and will not try based upon your comments.

Can you please answer my other posts re:

1) How to center caption for bottom thumbs?

2) How to decrease space between bottom thumbs and caption?

3) How to display NEXT arrow in ON state for 1st image only...not all images.

Thanks Felix.  Your program is great, but Simpleviewer Pro is not so simple for those of us with no Flash knowledge.  I need to finish the design/layout of my page so I can create all of my galleries by the end of this week.  Your assisatance is greatly all on this forum.

I want the user to be able to rollover a thumbnail and have the large image appear above.........without having to click on each individual thumbnail.

Possible or not?


Sample page at: … index.html

Thanks, but I think you misunderstood my question.  I only want the arrow to appear in the ON state for the FIRST image.....NOT ALL IMAGES.

Please advise.

Oops!  I already have the thumbs under the image.  It was 2:00 am and the lack of sleep obviously made me stupid.  What I meant to ask was:

1) How do I move the thumbs and caption up?

The code listed in this thread was for thumbs on the left, NOT bottom.


2) How do I center the caption below the thumbs?

3) How do I move the caption up closer to the thumbs?

How do I make the Image Next Arrow appear in an ON state on the first photograph when a page first loads?

Not all viewers are computer savvy and therefore might not have the intuition to know that the forward and back arrows can be activated by rolling over portions of the image.

When I used iExport to generate my .xml file, the thumbs were small and sharp.  Now that I've imported everything into Simpleviewer Pro, the thumbs are larger and blurry.

1) Please advise what the problem is and how it can be solved.

2) Can I tighten the gap between the thumbnails and captions?  How?

3) Can the captions be centered horizontally when the thumbs are on the BOTTOM of the image?  How?

Thank you.

p.s. - It's taken a lot of problem solving and time, but I've almost finished customizing a test gallery (with some random images of mine).  Any feedback would be appreciated. … index.html



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I assume this would go somewhere between lines 89-95.  Yes?  I've solved all of my other problems, but can't seem to get the code rcorrect.  Please advise.  Thank you.

Anyone test the code or develop a solution for placaing the thumbs UNDER the image?

Any feedback from anyone re: rollover captions?

Okay.........I'm finally making some progress here and so far everything looks good in Safari......except for a little extra white space at the bottom pf the gallery.  When viewed in Firefox, the gallery is compacted within the html page.  I'm using Dreamweaver to put the Simpleviewer gallery into my html web page.

How do I get rid of the extra white space?
Why is this not working properly in all browsers? … index.html

I'm making progress.  Try thid link: … index.html

Still no luck with the dogear color.

How do I get the captions to function as rollovers (as in v1.7)?

Oops.  Sorry.  Too many typos.  Try this: … index.html


Here's the new link: … index.html

Here's the bottom line...........I am doing something incorrectly with the simpleviewer.fla and viewr.swf files.  They are causing all of my problems.

1) I create a gallery and upload to the server. --> OK
2) I open the imageData.xml file created by iPhoto Export, customize, and then resave as a gallery.xml file (compatible with SV-Pro v1.8). --> OK

Is it possible to put the gallery links outside of the flash area?  I would like to use my existing page design ( with links in the white column and the flash movie in the grey area.


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It will work great if I understood your reply.  I'm not versed in anything more then simple HTML code.  Can you please be more specific.

Thank you!


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Thanks.  Just looked at line 80.  I see something referencing color, but no specific tag.  I do not know Flash or action scripting code.

What would I change to make the dogear yellow?

I'm on a Mac using iPhoto Export with Simpleviewer Pro.  That's part of my problem.......Simpleviewer v1.8 is not compatible with iPhoto Export v1.7.  However, I was just able to uploaded a test gallery to my server.

The gallery was created with iExport.  Now I want to use the Simpleviewer Pro to customize.  And then I want to place it into an existing html page using Dreamweaver.  This is where I run into continual problems.

Where do I put the Simpleviewer Pro folder & files?  Please be specific.

What's next?

Here's the test gallery page: … index.html

DId you solve oyur problem?  I'm having the same difficulties!  Please help.

yeah, i've got the same problem also.  works great on local level, but not when uploaded to server.


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Several times, I have tried to change the color of the dogear icon that appears when a thumbnail has been viewed.  I am doing this in the simpleviewer.fla file and republishing, but it never works.

Any advice?


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I would like do display an image's title when it is rolled ovver.  This was active in v1.7 but has apparently been removed in v1.8.

What code do I need?

Where do I put it?

Hey -

Great job on the website.  I'm a flash novice and need some help trying to accomplish the same thing.  I am a photographer and need to set up multiple galleries.

How did you create the drop downs?

Do you have any source code that you would be willing to share as an example?


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Can you please be more specific.

1) What would the code look like?

2) Where would I put it?