Hi there,

I used autoviewer-pro for our website and would like to replace it with a photo viewer that will work on ipads and iphones.  Can you give me a recommendation as to which simpleviewer product will best mimic the look achieved with autoviewer?  Here is a link to the website for reference: http://goochdesignstudio.com/residentia … ravine.php

Thanks for your help.

Is it possible to have both image upscaling and image downscaling set to true?  When I set downscaling=true and upscaling=false, everything works as expected.  If I set downscaling=true and upscaling=true, the downscaling does not work.

I know upscaling is not ideal as it will result in reduced image quality, but it seems silly to increase load times with huge images for the 5% of people with really big monitors.  However, it is imperative that the downscaling works properly so images are not cut off on smaller monitors (or when the browser is not maximized).

Am I missing another setting?  Is there a better way to go about this?

Thanks for your help

Got it.  While the AS option EnableMouseWheel will disable the functionality of the scrollwheel, the listener is still enabled, and so the mousewheel does not scroll the page when the focus is on the simpleviewer object.

Removing the mouse listener resolved the problem.  Might I suggest to Felix that, while more convenient, the AS option EnableMouseWheel is not a very clean method for removing this functionality, and I would suggest that if someone does not want the mousewheel option, they should remove the listener altogether.

Instructions for removing the listener:

To disable mousewheel support, remove this line in ThumbArea.init():


Well, the first issue has been resolved, but I am afraid I am not there yet.  My reason for re-publishing the .swf was to remove the clickwheel funtionality.

Why?  Because I want the user to be able to scroll down the webpage normally, regardless of whether the pointer is over the simpleviewer object or anywhere else on the page.

Disabling the EnableMouseWheel prevented simpleviewer from reacting to the mouse wheel, but when the pointer is over the simpleviewer object, the page will not scroll.  If the simpleviewer object is selected, either by clicking on a thumbnail or on the main image, the page will not scroll until the user clicks outside of the simpleviewer object.  Is there any way to resolve this?

CN - I want the mouse wheel to cause the webpage to scroll, even when the mouse is over the simpleviewer object and after the simpleviewer object has been selected.

I have been able to correct the issue.  Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. 

For future reference in the event that someone else has a similar issue, I tried three things, one or more of which may have resolved the issue. 

-I changed the global as2.0 class path to be an absolute path.
-I removed .aso files in the default path that I suspect may have been created during a previous publishing and may have been out of date (the first time I downloaded simpleviewer-pro I had some corruption issues).
-I created a new as2.0 path pointing towards the simpleviewer .as files and placed it at the top of the path list.

I know very little about actionscripting, so if someone more knowledgeable would like to explain exactly what I did and why it worked, it would be helpful.

I would like to turn off the clickwheel functionality, so I edited options.as per the instructions, opened simpleviewer.fla, and selected publish.

I receive the following error, and the resulting viewer.swf file does not work properly:

ImageArea.as, Line 263 - There is no property with the name 'buttonFrame'. - mPlayBtn.buttonFrame = mPlaying ? 1:2:

Can anyone advise me on how to fix this issue?  I have tried downloading simpleviewer-pro.zip again, but I get the same error.

I am using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional - version 9.0