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it would be great if simpleviewer would manage photo comment.

Simpleviewer is great because of its clean design... so I would like to add a small button under each picture that links comment pages ..... In this way the design of the gallery will be maintened clean and we'll get this nice features

Yes please, this would be great!


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This is high interest. Could this be fixed? Felix? :)


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Ha, I had already done that. But somehow the name of the bookmark did not change when I added a new one. It works now though.


Great! Thanks. Will try it out!

Sorry for the noob question :)

Sorry, but I can't seem to get the action script for the background music to work. I've tried to edit the Options.as file, but no luck.

What am I suppos to do with the following line? My file is placed in a folder called sounds, in the same folder as the images and thumbs folders, and the mp3 file is called test.mp3. How can I get this to work? I've tried soundPath:String = sounds/test.mp3; but no luck, I just get an error message in Flash when doing the publish preview.

static var soundPath:String = null; //Relative or absolute path to optional music mp3 file.

Loads of help is much appreciated. Thanks!


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Greetings. First of all I would like to say that this little app is fantastic! Thanks for a job well done :)

Question. How can I change the name of the bookmark for my simpleviewer site? When I add a bookmark the default bookmark name is PostcardViewer!? Don't know why it says PostcardViewer when I'm actually is using the Simpleveiwer... I would like to change this default bookmark to something similar to the name of my site.

Thanks in advance.