Has anyone modified the source so that you can do vertical scrolling of the thumbnails. I have a client that would like the thumbs to scroll from top to bottom when the nav arrows are clicked.

What I would like to be able to do is when you click the next arrow button the next thumb is added at the bottom and the thumb on the top will move up.

If anyone can point me in the right directions. I have been looking at the thumbArea.as file there is a section that is commented called //mcDisplayArea slides within a mask to create paging

I did notice that when you change the _x to an _y on line 135 that the thumb area will do what I want but the problem is that the thumbs need to be attached and laid out vertically so that this will work.

Please help if anyone has done this it would be great to know what sections of code need to be change. The source is commented to a point but some things are unclear as to what needs to be changes.



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I modified the arrows in mine by going into the library for each and changing the look. If you are in flash you will open the library and then  you can double click on ThumbNextButton and ThumbBackButton.

Now if you are needed to change the color of the button you will need to do that in the options.as file. It is well commented in that file so you should be able to see where you can change the color of the arrows and also you can set the alpha I think?

Anyway, hope that helps


K so I am a pretty good actionscript guy but would still need some help on this if any of you have suggestions.

The client that I am working with would like me to animate her thumbnails to something like is on this site. westsidestudio(dot)com click on photogrephers. When you click the arrows near the thumbs one thumb leves and the next in line is added.

The site that i am developing has vertical thumbs so I would like the top thum to animate up and the next in line to come in from the bottom. Here is the site that I am developing mswallace(dot)com/siren.

So can anyone suggest to me where in the source code I can make this change?

Matthew Wallace


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Basically I would like to load the viewer.swf file into another swf. What I would like to do is know where in the code do I position where the tumbs are going to be ( x and y positions) and the same for the main picture.

Thanks for you help
Matthew Wallace
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