mike & Felix thanks for responding -

i was confused when explaining my situation in the original post. however my image output issue is still the same.

images look force re-sized. in other words they are looking a bit gritty like photo clarity has been compromised.

thanks for being patient with this post. below shows how the Options.as and actual images are being managed.

fixedLayout:Boolean = true;
useSmoothing:Boolean = false;

//Main Image
enableImageDownScaling:Boolean = true;

//Fixed Layout Positions
imageAreaWidth:Number = 358;
imageAreaHeight:Number = 270;

//XML Options Overrides
maxImageWidth:Number = null;
maxImageHeight:Number = null;

actual images are larger than the 358x270 i have specified. they are of varying sizes (all larger than 358x270). i understand that if images are optimized to meet layout dimensions quality would clear up. just wondering if SV had a way of dynamically down sizing images on the fly and i was missing the setting(s).

fyi i am using picasa web albums to manage my images and PicasaViewer for SimpleViewer.

feel like im pushing some boundaries here. SimpleViewer capabilities have surprised me more than once so just giving this a shot. have i done all i can to ensure optimal photo regeneration under my circumstances?

thanks for your time,

P -

thanx for the quick reply mike,

that did it! modifying the line you pointed out i gained control over play button alignment i was after.

to center play button line 235 of ImageArea.as was modified to:

mPlayBtn.setBtnPosn(imgx + w/2 - mPlayBtn.btnWidth/2,imgy + h/2 - mPlayBtn.btnHeight/2);

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hola SimpleViewer users -

due to the control i need over the layout of SV i have chosen to turn on down scaling. in doing so it turns off dynamic resizing (as noted in the Options.as file). i have the control over the layout of SV like im after but the images look force re-sized. in other words they are looking a bit gritty like photo clarity has been compromised.

am i missing a step to maintain image quality or is it a compromise i should expect when choosing to use down scaling? if there are some additional settings to adjust to ensure optimal photo regeneration please advise.

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thanx miker,

your advise worked! bit map now showing.

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good morning SV forum -

in search for advice about customizing SV-Pro image and thumb arrows replaced with bitmap images.

editing the simpleviewer.fla replacing the default arrow vector with a bitmap image is no problem. changing image and thumb arrow color and graphic is no problem. my trouble is the bitmap is turned the color dictated by the options.as.

what do i need to set so the arrows use no color - that way allowing texture and chracteristics of bitmap graphic to be seen?

thanks for your time,

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hello SV forum -

hopping to learn about how to customize location of the SV autoplay play/pause button. looking to customize the default bottom of image location of play/pause. wanting to move the button to the center of the image.

thanks for you help,

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thanx for responding Felix,

creating galleries using PicasaViewer... ahhh... just looked at PicasaViewer.php. 'View full size' link control found within php code. appears that my 'view full size' link issue is on the PicasaViewer end.

ha, your response helped me figure it out. goes to show how much so little can go.

thanx again,

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good evening SV forum -

looking for ways to control the "view full size" link:
1) how to remove the "view full size" link.
2) how to edit the text "view full size" to something else.
3) how to move "view full size" location - or is it part of the caption?
4) how to change "view full size" hit area. (in my case it seems "view full size" falls at the end of caption text and caption text is active as being part of the "view full size" link).

the SV has a great amount of 'as is' flexibility. just investigating some of the built in functionality to understand my options without getting to nuts on existing code.

any assistance or point to relative documentation is much appreciated,


thanx for the help miker,

1) editing the options.as i am successful at changing the color of a shape ok. however...

in this situation i have made a graphical edit to the fla replacing the default arrow vector with a bitmap image i would prefer to use. after publishing and viewing i find that the new graphic is treated the same as a vector meaning i only see the image as a solid color.

how can i set SV-Pro to not color the graphic so characteristics of the bitmap image can be seen?

2) RESOLVED - i went with the suggestion and it has given me more than the control i was after. thanx for the help...

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hello Airtight forum -

two arrow questions for SimpleViewer-pro:

1) how do i set arrows to see bitmap instead of simply colorizing a shape?
i have made changes to SV-Pro fla replacing thumbnail arrows with a textured bitmap i would prefer to use. is it possible to set arrow parameters to simply show bitmap instead of only specifying color?

2) how do i set thumbnail to not shift on click?
the thumbnail arrows appear to shift a pixel or two down and right on click. is it possible to set arrows to have 0 shift?

any assistance is appreciated,

P -

Thanks for the directing me to the form. Just submitted... guess upgrade is headed my way in a few days.

Paul -

Hello Airtight Forum -

I purchased SV-Pro v1.8.5 earlier this month (sept 2008) and would like to upgrade to SV-Pro v1.9.

A post regarding an enableMouseWheel option suggests to obtain SV-Pro v1.9 I should follow the original link used to download SV-Pro.

That sounds like what i may need to pursue however I no longer have record of the link i used to download my current SV-Pro version.

Please advise.

Paul -