Thanks for your time Monkeyboy. That has helped me a lot.


Hi all, I need your help. Could people running simple viewer under vista or vista64 test my website and let me know if the hyperlinks in simpleviewer work for them? I'd really appreciate the input.
If you don't run vista, I'd still be keen to know if it works for you too.

www dot glennmelenhorst dot com

Thanks in advance.


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I removed the 'target="_blank" but it still does not work once I upload the page. Funny thing is, the link doesn't even prompt the hand icon, It's as though it just doesn't exist. Will try on teh mac at work that prompted the popup block warning.

edit>> The Macs seen to work fine. It seems to only be on Vista. Could anyone else with vista try the hyper links on my site please?
www dot glennmelenhorst dot  com



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Adding the viewer inside another page still locks out the hyperlinks. Could it be because it is trying to open another page/tab that it is being blocked? If that is the case, can it simply open the content in the sme page?



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The links to the flvs and movs are working here (Firefox/vista). It probably depends on how your browser is configured to view those files types. Maybe you should embed those files in HTML pages.

Sounds good. I found the FAQ for that and will give it a go.

Just tried it on a mac laptop  here at the office and it also didn't respond to the hyperlinks. Will try a few other macs and PC's here.

In fact, the mac laptop has a popup blocking warning. If we tell it to allow popups, the links work. Is this something you know about?

Nice app BTW,



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Hi all.
I am building hyperlinks into my web pages at..

glennmelenhorst dot com   (try the Adleaide Grey page)

The hyperlinks seem to not work and then lose focus, that is, the hand icon appears over the hyperlink, I click and nothing happens (althought it worked at work) and then the hand icon disappears, never to return for any of the links.

Any ideas? Has anyone seen this before?