Thanks Monkeyboy for your help.

After another hour of investigation, i realised the error of my ways was down to my own stupidity. It was all because the index folders were labelled Index. Argh! And i thought i had double and triple checked case sensitivities too!

Problem Solved and i am now a much happier Megatron.


I've been reading pretty much every web page on this matter for the past few hours and i have no idea where to go from here.

My simpleviewer slideshows work just fine on my computer, but when i have uploaded them to the net nothing seems to be working right, no images just those pesky black crosses.

-I'm using Dreamweaver 8
-I'm using a Mac
-I've embedded by using Insert>Media>Flash>viewer.swf
-All the simpleviewer files for each slideshow are in the same folder as the web page.
-I've checked the gallery.xml file and there don't seem to be any typos etc (I've used numbers for files to keep it simple, 1.jpg, 2.jpg etc)
-I've tried Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and none is showing the pictures (Either fullsize images or thumbs)

I have a basic grasp of HTML but nothing that advanced (hence using Dreamweaver) so it may be something very obvious, but i've tried a ton of the suggestions found on google searches and i'm totally stuck.

My website is www naturalunnatural nfshost com

Please let me know what you think, i would really appreciate your help.