do some searching for 'flash calling javascript' and see what you can find (I don't know the answer - I have my galleries setup so they call a php script).


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its in the xml file - at least for the pro version - but the text can not be customized per image (ie "Click here for foo" for the entire gallery).



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Old note but if you want to put some text above and/or below and you require scroll bars,   change the html.

The style in the shipped html has overflow: hidden;

Change it to overflow: auto;

and browsers will toss one in if needed.


it would help if you gave an example (snipit) of the html page and the xml you are pointing at.

if they are not your images - who's are they?    Where did they come from?


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check the path to the fla file in your html - I suspect it can't find it and the error path is giving you 'you don't have flash' instead of 'I can't find the flash to run'


if you have access to the server logs for the server that is hosting the images, check the error and access logs to see what files tiltviewer is trying to access (listed in the xml).  it may be an issue sub-domain issue
(he's coming from and you're coming from and the mapping on the server is different ... like I said, check the server logs.


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A clarification on the variables that control the zoom.  I had noticed but had not put much thought into the 'initial zoom' of the array.

It looks like thumb array is laid out to allow for X by Y images (boxes) and the  thumb is resized to fit into one of those boxes  minus some value - then when moused over, it 'pops out' that pop-out size fills the square you mention in a prior post.

There is then the zoom-in value which I was thinking was the size of the clicked image.... but now I'm not sure...

I'll have to determine what is the same in my two environments (home/work) because it crashes here at work also.

i've got four more systems at home I can check it out on though :-)


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I have the maxjpg size calculated as the script walks through the directory... I guess I could get fancy and configure the array row/column count with the number of screens and put the similar size images on the same page...  that would take a bit more coding that I don't have the cycles for right now.  It would also get the images out of sequence (since they are of a football game, visitors expect 'in order' viewing...

Thanks for the quick response,


I can cause Firefox (3.03) to crash if I:

1) choose view full screen
2) show flip side while in full screen
3) click on the link (which is set to target of _blank)

http:// www merrimackcardinals org / pictures 20081025_awards_nhpwcc tiltview.php

(spaces become '.' in the above url)

as an example.

IE (6.0) shuts down full-screen, brings up the new browser window correctly (but after a very long lag time) and very slow response

Safari: Going to full screen is useless (locks up the system!)

Opera (9.25) - shuts down full screen and brings up the window (but the full screen performance is HORRID!)


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Right now, I have the tilt set so, in most cases, the thumbs in the array are close enough that you can run through a row while zoomed in (clicking on the edge of the next image).

However, this is not possible, as far as I can tell, to go down through a row (the spacing between the thumb rows seems to be greater.

Are there some settings I can adjust to allow zoom-in downward navigation?




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What I would expect is after I start up the application and everything is loaded, if I resize the browser image, the scroll bars would appear (which is the behavior if you have fixed-width blocks).

So, shrinking the browser causes the 'next' arrow to diapear.

Example at:

http://www merrimackcardinals org slash pictures slash 20081012_pw_vs_concord slash tiltview php

" " = .
"slash" = /


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I'm really not sure if this is a FLASH issue or not but a few things I've noticed...

When I compress the window (browser window) - the scroll bars do not show up for me to thumb over when needed (I can make the arrows invisible by doing this - which means if my window is small enough to start off, I don't even know its there.

Ideas on getting horizontal and vertical bars to appear when resizing occurs?




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all I could offer is a php solution :-)


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YA, they should have called it 'safer, but not really safe mode'

My hosting company still has several servers running php4, so yes, php6 is a 'generation' of websites away.


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To be honest, I HATE sites that take over my screen by a simple click.  Reminds me of early SPAM sites that would resize your window and pop up 10 other windows (before popup blockers became the norm).



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exact syntax ?

  fo.addVariable("linkTarget", "_blank");

will fire up a new window.

it goes in the .html with the rest of the addVariable calls


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The logic in my php script that was supposed to ignore .html files, wasn't - so my XML had non-images listed which created the empty columns.



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Yes, most hosting companies turn on safe mode - its called safe mode for a reason.

The exact issue with why svManager needs it would need to be answered by Airtight who wrote it, however given this list:

www php net/manual/en/

it restricts many file manipulation functions which seems to be a big piece of svManager.

I wrote my own php script on top of Tiltviewer (didn't even know svManager was out there).



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I have only looked at tiltviewer but instead of one gallery.xml document, why not have several and have the html file point at a different xml document depending on what you want to view?

You could do this with a php script, passing the gallery you want to display to the script and then having the script generate the the correct statement for which gallery the flash player should use.

I am currently writing a php script which generates an xml file and a tiltview.php file for given folders as an alternate means by which visitors can view images in the directory. 



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I am getting the wrong number of columns...

Why would Tiltview not pay attention to a setting of 6 columns and 6 rows?

It generates a 3 column, 6 row array instead?