Thanks for your answer felix, but my problem is not solved: i dont save imges for web, i just save them as jpeg, to keep a good quality, and embed the sRGB color profile
But they still dont have the right color when viewed in the gallery!
They look right when opened whit safari in a simple html page, but not when opened in the SV gallery!

can anyone give me an answer???

Thanks a lot!!

Hi everybody im fighting with this:
i made a gallery with jpegs with an sRGB profile attached, but i found out that flash player doesnt support color profiles (even if some browsers like safari do!!).
then i found out that this problem is solved with Flash cs4, so i got the trial version and used a suggested script:

stage.colorCorrection = "on";

opened the gallery in safari, after dowloading Flash Player 10...
but it doesnt look working... am i doing smthing wrong or is that because simpleviewer (even if version 1.9) is build with AS2 so this script is not supported???

is there any other way to make simpleviewer handle color profiles, to see pictures the way i want them to show in the browser???


im having EXACTLY the same problem!
did u finally find a solution???
could you soooo kindly tell me...?

thanks a lot, souheila