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The FAQ says to limit a gallery to 50 images or less. Split it up.

Also check to see if you are using the option to rebuild all thumbs every time. I had that turned on at first (on is when its set to TRUE). Make sure its false and rebuild them.


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I checked and your site and his still seem to work correctly on my end.

If you dont mind me asking...what was in the .htaccess? and instead of deleting it you have have renamed it to htaccess.bak or something. =)


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I would try reuploading your gallery.xml file.

What kind of server is your host? Linux or Windows?

If linux try to use nano -w gallery.xml if you have access to the command line. If not, open up the gallery.xml before you upload it in a simple text editor and make sure things look right and then upload it to the right place.

I took the zip file that you posted, extracted it and moved it to a web dir and everything worked like a champ. Here is the link:
http://dev-whiteguardian whiteguardian net/galleryfile/
(make sure to fill in the .'s)

Your tattoos are awesome by the way.. :D


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if you edit your gallery.xml with nano or vim or something what does it display?

Also try taking off the ?nocache=1018924560 part in your index.php

Nevermind that...

Like Felix said...something is definitly wrong with your gallery.xml. Can you post it somewhere where i can download it?


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whats the link to the messed up gallery?


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From the FAQ:

12. How can I add a vertical scrollbar to my SimpleViewer gallery ?

Remove this line from index.html:

overflow-y: hidden


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what does your gallery.xml look like? im thinking that you have specifed images/ and thumbs/ in your gallery.xml and you dont need to. Can you post it here or a link to your gallery? Thanks!

I had the same problem on mine when i first started messing with it and it turned out that the problem was setting the rebuild thumbnails every time option to TRUE. If it was false everything worked great!


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Not to be a smarty or anything but i went through the same thing and it says that in the FAQ. =)


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Try this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth = "347" maxImageHeight = "347" textColor = "0xffffff" frameColor = "0xcccccc" frameWidth = "10" stagePadding = "10" thumbnailColumns = "3" thumbnailRows = "3" navPosition = "left" title = "colvin tattoos" enableRightClickOpen = "true" backgroundImagePath = "" imagePath = "images/" thumbPath = "thumbs/" navPadding = "10" vAlign = "bottom" hAlign = "center" htmlTitle = "New Gallery">





I think the problem is that there is not a space at the end of the first line between the " and ?.

Just to let you know...

There is no problems with using Firefox and i can fully replicate the problem using IE7.

Im still a bit new to SV but my concept of what you are asking is that as long as you have the thumbnail image and the original image all you have to do is put them in the appropriate directories on your webserver and then edit your gallery.xml to include the new files by copy and pasting a set of lines that are already there for the current images.

Does that help at all?

Well i have determined that when i use the $bgOptions['overwriteThumbnails'] = true;
option it breaks things. If it is false things work as normal...just doesnt overwrite existing thumbs.

Any ideas?

At this point i have it working. Im going to chock this up to a cache problem for right now!   :lol:

If you are referring to the SV gallery then you would just remove the <caption></caption> tags and whatever is in between them from your gallery.xml file.

Hope this helps!


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I am pretty new to SV as well but if you edit the gallery.xml file you can add captions to the images by adding the <caption></caption> tags like so:

<caption>Caption would be here</caption>

I have about 42 images in my images directory and only about half will create the thumbnails using the buildgallery.php script. If i turn on the $bgOptions['useCopyResized'] then they all work fine but look extremly hideous.

Heres the version info from the top of buildgallery.php:
( buildgallery.php version 1.9, running under php version 5.2.6-pl7-gentoo, GD library version 2.0.34)

Any ideas on what the problem could be?