Well since nobody replied yet, I am gonna post an update to the current situation. Now I am able to load and work flawlessly on two mcLoader containers (mcLoader1 and mcLoader2) both loading different galleries (and viewer.swf) in two sections of the previous fla site I am working on. This is what i am struggling against : Why if let's say i try to load another viewer.swf into another mcLoader (let's call this mcLoader3) but this time setup to use imageAreaWidth=600 and imageAreaHeight=400 (those are both set up in Options.as) when i compile and run the single swf it works OK but when i try to "switch" through simple mouse button onRelease event between mcLoader 3 (the one setup to use a imageAreaWidth= 600 and imageAreaHeight=400) and mcLoader2 or mcLoader1 (setup to use imageAreaWidth=400 and imageAreaHeight=300) their own viewer.swf loads the right gallery but wrong layout params?This breaks mcLoader1 an mcLoader2 viewer.swf : it seems like the "smaller" got its layout setting (Option.as) params rewrited by the "bigger" viewer.swf loading in mcLoader3???I am lost....Again, any kind of feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi and hello to the forum, I hope that this is the right place for my first post. I am banging my head against the wall after 2 days spent trying to figure out what am i doing wrong: very quickly I am going to recap my situation.
I am trying to embed (successfully) various SWF of different simpleviewer 1.8 instancies each one pointing to its own dir (the multiple_galleries.fla example was very useful!) into an existing AS2 fla I am working on at the moment. Now, everything runs smoothly in the terms that I can actually load and trigger the right directories through various gallery.xml files and customisation of the fla (so i can switch easily between different images). The fact is that since those galleries (gallery.xml and Options.as) are not the same in terms of size and number of thumbnails I am experiencing weird behaviour since it seems that each time I am browsing through the different embedded swfs the LAYOUT ( i am talking about layout referencing the fact i customized the Options. as class using a fixed layout) got broken e.g. let's say that i click on the link to open the BIG GALLERY where i have saved images at 400x 500 then the main image got positioned erroneously while the thumbnail row stays where it should be?!?!??!!?It seems that this Option class is messing things up and that each embedded swf is keeping the old Options.as prefs of the previous SWF. I am loading those SWF through a basic loadMovie command. I am stuck on this and any feedback on this would be highly appreciated!Thanks in advance