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checked this in many configs:

can u give mi some hints?
1. gallery.xml syntax
- what is the exact syntax for variables related to the path /background, thumbs and pictures/
assuming / is the roor dir of the web content filesystem:
/ is directory with simpleviewer /incl. gallery.xml, swf and js files/
/pic is directory for all /background, thumbs and pictures/
which option should is use in gallery.xml to point these paths?
a/ ./pic
b/ ./pic/
c/ pic
d/ pic/
e/ /pic
f/ /pic/
g/ ???

2. access rights
how exactly should them look like?
assumption: apache 2.0 server
i mean:
- directory and files: owner and group belongings
- access rights to files?
i assumed: owner and group is apache, access pattern is 644

and it doesn't work :-( at least remotely /which is the key/


(12 replies, posted in SimpleViewer v1)

locally works fine /ie and ff/
after uploading... not
server: apache

please, help