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which version of simpleviewer are you using?

felix thanks for the reply.  I saw that but it doesn't work for me.  I need the caption to reposition its self to the lower left hand corner of an image no matter what its width.  Using the x y cordinant places the caption in a stationary place which doesn't do this.  I tried linking the xy of the caption to the image holder mc but because its a private var in another class It won't work.   Any other ideas.

I'm creating a online portfolio that has a fixed layout.  What I want to do is position the caption under the lower lefthand corner of the image that is being viewed, and I want the caption to stay same place on the image no matter if its a horizontal or vertical.  Does anyone have any ideas.  thanks


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open the com folder that comes with simpleviewer pro.   In that folder open airtightinteractive/apps/viewers/simpleviewer/ImageArea.as.  When you open this .as document copy the code below and paste it in on line 95.  Publish your movie and  you should be able to open up all your images in your gallery in seperate windows. 

mClip_mc.onRelease =  Delegate.create(this,openImageLink);


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Does anyone have an idea how to ad a drop shadow to the mc that contains the boarder an image.  i know in flash 8 there is a drop shadow filter I'm just having a tough time figuring out what as to attach it to and what mc contains the image boarder.