The Flash movie could be being cached locally in the browser, but I'm not sure that's the case.  I'm using Firefox 2.0 and IE 6 on a windows machine and having the same problem you're having, haven't touched Safari.  When my host was trying to help me figure out the problem, he opened a browser directly on the server machine, firefox I assume, and any xml changes showed up immediately.  (The same thing happens when I make any changes to the xml on my local server and view it locally.)  The only time this caching problem seems to come up seems to be when viewing remotely, in any browser.  That alone implies to me that it isn't the browser, and since it isn't caching on the server itself, then it seems the only remaining answer is that something in between the server and the local machine is caching it. . .  (but that doesn't make any sense).  I'm not sure what the answer is yet on this one, but it's puzzling. 

Any help from the actual moderators on this one?  Can anyone familiar with the actual code tell us if the time stamps will affect whether it reloads the xml?

(thanks for keeping this going miriam, hopefully we'll work it out. . .)

I'm having exactly the same problem.  Have you found a solution yet?  I've tried deleting and re-uploading, clearing caches, trying 3 different browsers, and cross-tested with other users on different machines. 

I checked with the host, and on a browser located on his server, changes register immediately, but requests from remote browsers do not see changes.  There is about a 1 day lag on any changes before they show up. 

The xml file is being cached somewhere is my thoughts.  Any ideas on how this can be fixed?  I'm at a complete loss. 

Also, I'm in argentina at the moment, maybe the time thing is coming into play here as well?  Doesn't seem likely, but perhaps. . .