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Link on the image is possible on images in some of Felix's viewers but not simpleviewer. However you can have links in the CDATA image description. Here is an example using the free version of simpleviewer


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Had no problem.  I even fixed some bugs modified the script to generate 5 Web Galleries for a single set of images two simpleviewer galleries one with thumbnails one without also a AutoViewer,  PostcardViewer and a TiltViewer.  Though the last three do not work well if you have more then 16 images. I also added support for EXIF data and Metadata for title, captions, links, e-mail and copyright notice an example http://mouseprints.net/aaa/
the old and new script dialogs

Looks like you failed to upload 5 images.


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It is a lot of work to get the exact pixel dimensions from photoshop, and manually adjust the gallery.xml.

If you have Photoshop. It is posible to modify the Photoshop script that can be downloaded from this site for SimpleViewer  to generate the XML file you need. I modified it for my personal web site to generate all the gallery xml files needed for all the free AIRTIGHT viewers for a set of images the script resized images creates thumbnails, title, caption and copyright notices. Example: http://mouseprints.net/aaa/


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FAQ 15 add %lt;br>
15. Can I add HTML formatting to the Title text?
Yes. Title text can include a limited set of HTML formatting, including hyperlinks, line breaks, font tags, bold, underline and italics. When adding HTML formatting to the title attribute in gallery.xml, you must replace the following special characters with their XML escape sequence:

& (Ampersand) &
< (Left angle bracket) &lt;
> (Right angle bracket) &gt;
" (Straight quotation mark) "
' (Apostrophe) &apos;

So to add a large Times-Roman title use:

title="&lt;font face="Times" size="20"&gt;
Big Times Title&lt;/font&gt;"

I gave up on AutoViewer its performance just sucks.  I found a free flash gallery that works much better. I modified the SimpleViewer Photoshop script to generate galleries for it..  What I don't like a about the flash slideshow gallery I found is that it centers all captions, darkens the background, does not support the br or font html tags and the show does not loop. Compare AutoViewer http://www.mouseprints.net/aaa/autoviewer.html to ws-slideshow http://www.mouseprints.net/ws-slideshow I hid the ws-slide menu hover the mouse over the bottom to see the menu icons including a fullscreen one as for performance as good as SimpleViewer http://www.mouseprints.net/Sean%20Chris … eshow.html  390 image in that one I did not add EXIF and title Caption in that one....

That is no problem. Upload each into its own directory in the server the should all have a index.html to start displaying the gallery. I use a Photoshop script to create many galleries. http://www.mouseprints.net/


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Martin the data the picture was taken can be found in the EXIF metedata. You can change the Photoshop script to get that info and add it to the caption. The caption cam be many lines and contain some HTML. If you use HTML embed it in a cdata tag. Read the FAQ.  I don't use the pro version. But have changed the Photoshop Script that can be downloaded fro this site. Here is a link to some examples of what can be done for the free viewers. http://www.mouseprints.net/aaa.html


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use the XML file simpleviewerGallery title ie

title="directory name"


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I can not answer the question for Simpleviewer Pro but for the freeware version it simple to do in the XML file.  Read the FAQ about caption and embedding your own HTML tags within [Cdata[]]. I create mine using a Photoshop script and use data stored within image files meta-data.


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The answer is yes if you server supports php most do. Read the FAQ to see how you need to know the relative image numver in the gallery. the link would look like intex.php?id=xx I create two galleries one is linked to the other www mouseprints net/SVNewZealand/


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row and col = 0


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If you read the documentatiom you can not code the title using straight HTML  <Font>    you need to code if isein &lf; and t&gt; example

title="&lt;b&gt;&lt;font color="#ffffff" size="20"&gt;&lt;a href="about.html" target="_blank"&gt;A Trip to New

actual page www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/

set frame to 0 example
www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/slidegallery.php


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You have the feature I want in the pro version I would like to have in a low cost registered Viewer.swf the would only would only work with My web server because it would always plug in my servers fixed IP address. I want a Play button.  example of my custom SimpleViewer Gallery wit EXIF and links. www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/

example  www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/ had a hard time posting even without dots it does not like h t t p in the message

Felix I do not want to purchase SimpleViewer Pro for I do not want to part with $700 for Adobe Flash.  It took me to long to learn Adobe Photoshop. I have no desire to learn Flash nor do want to design Web sites.  However there is one feature in the pro version I would like to have and I'm willing to pay a small price for this. If you can program the feature I want like this you may be able to generate some income.  It seems to me that it must be Viewer.swf the retrieves the images from the Web Servers.  That you may ba able to sell registered copies of Viewer.swf the would only work with registered Web servers by always plugging in the servers fixed IP address. The these registered copies of Viewer.swf would have the pro version Play button that I want. Other versions may also be possible.  I'm very pleased with SimpleViewer performance and ease of use. I have modified Jeff's Photoshop Script to generate two SimpleViewer Galleries one with and one without thumbnails. Thumbnails have EXIF as well as other metadate. The are linked to the other gallery to be able to view large images without enabling right click for several reasons.  Other links are also provided and the large images can be imprinted with a copyright notice. Example
www mouseprints net/SVATripToNZ/