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I would be very interested in finding the solution to this, as I have the same exact problem.  Except, now I AM getting thumbnails to show up BUT SOME OF THE IMAGES DO NOT SHOW AT ALL!  It's as if Simple Viewer decides which photos it will display and not display.  (I have around 100 photos, and it's displaying about 70 or 80.)

See here:

thefullquiver dot com/photoalbum dot html

Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

I'm sorry I cannot help you.  I am just about in the same boat!  :(

PLEASE, I need someone's help.  You can take a look at www thefullquiver com/photoalbum html

I took instructions from the SimpleViewer FAQ page ("11. How do I insert SimpleViewer into a pre-existing HTML page?").  The Viewer was showing up, but every single image/thumbnail said "image not found."

Also, the code from the above 11. question does not make a bit of sense to me.

Can someone please help me?  Thanks a bunch.


I think I have it now... Freewebs is annoying sometimes!  :x

I don't have it up on the webpage yet, but you can go to www dot thefullquiver dot com and then click on "Photo Gallery."

I'd appreciate any tips/comments you have about that page.


It still won't work after I tried deleting everything, uploading it again from the zip file and putting in my own options, and then uploading everything back on to my web server (freewebs).  I REALLY need to get this thing going...  :rolleyes:

Please help...

I have been using SV for about a week or two (or trying to use it!).  Today I edited the gallery xml file, deleted the one I had uploaded on my web server, and then uploaded the edited one to my web server (freewebs). 

It still won't work!

Thanks in advance for any help!