Although I have Flash on my machine (MX 4), I cannot open the .fla file that i downloaded from the Pro version.  At this point, all I want to modify is the loading text. Is someone who has the Simple Viewer pro .fla file willing to update that text in the library and re-export the SWF Viewer? 

I need to get a project out, where all the text tells a story, and I'd like the loading text to be a part of that too. 

If anyone can do this, please comment here to establish initial contact.

(I can't get *any* version of flash to work on my machine, including the free trial. UGH!!!!!)


It's working now. I do have access to the Cpanel, so instead of disabling the hotlink protection feature, I merely allowed direct access to images.  And so far it's working! If that had not worked, I would have disabled the hotlink protection to see if that worked too.


I didn't download any .as files.  Should I have?
The version of SV that i have is the Pro version, without any .as files...

With non-progressive jpegs: same thing:

I didn't make any changes to the SWF, or the .fla.
I just reuploaded the .js file and the viewer. Looks like the same result.

You mean .js files, yes?

I am going through the same thing.

The JPEGS load fine on the browser by themselves, but not through the SWF viewer.

What do I need to change for this to work?