One problem that I solved was that some clients were trying to rename the files in the download window. The renaming prevented the file from downloading.

Just my $.02 worth.


Hello, I'm using SV Pro 2.3.1 and sv Builder-Pro

Thumbnail images don't show on the "Images" panel any longer.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all,


Thank you Steven.  That worked great!

Does anyone know how add the code to an SVPro page that I've created so that when I share the link on FB people can see a thumbnail?

I google around and got something like this:

<link rel="image_src" href="" />

Where on my SV page can I add code this?

And, can I link to an image that's already in the SV Image folder?

Thanks for your help!


I'm currently using svPro 2.1.0 and the Ps Plugin (CS4).

The maximum image size thru Ps is 1600x1600 but if I use svBuilder-Pro I can go bigger.

If I use the 2.1.1 Ps pluggin does it allow me to go bigger than 1600x1600?



I don't have the answer to your question but I have to say you kick ass!!!

I've never seen a personal web site with so many pages and images.




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Hello Steve,

About question #3,

For that "logo", can I hyperlink it?  I mean, can it be a button?



Another workaround:

Use the "open in new window" button.  Then users can right-click and download.

Much easier than changing all those URLs


Thanks Felix!

The Flash player (re)install worked fine.  This does concern me a little.  I do regular (weekly) software updates and I'm running Mac OS 10.6.4  Do you have more info on this issue.

Also, any info on the location of the "simpleviewer.swf" with the Pro download?

Thank you, thank you!


When I "Publish" using svBruilder-Pro and have "view in Browser" checked Safari launches but the page will not load.  Then Safari freezes and I have to "force quit".  I've tried this several times and it does not work.  Can you helep please?

I've opened the "index.html" file with Firefox and it works fine.

I've download SVPro 2.1

I've upgraded the SV Builder

I've tried to upgrade the script in Photoshop.  The instructions say:

"Copy the /web/simpleviewer.swf file from the Pro download folder."  There isn't a "simpleviewer.swf" file in the "web" folder.

There is one /web/svcore/swf/simpleviewer.swf.  I've tried to use this one but Safari still won't work.

Everything was great w/ 2.0.3

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,



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Mike you rock!  That worked great.

Now for my next question...

How do I make "Little Johnny" a different color than "Park Street School"?

I know how to set the overall color using the SVBuilder but not how to make the caption 2 different colors.

I owe you Man!


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Thanks for taking a look!

I'd like to have a caption that looks like this:

   Little Johnny
Park Street School

How do I make "Park Street School"  a clickable link that opens the Park Street School web site in a new window?

I've look around the support documentation and the Pro Config Options and keep seem to figure it out.


Checked out your link and all I have to say is...  What???

Your big red arrows "make the navigation more quiet"?

You should try "Image Nav Style" = "Cursor" to start.

For the most part, yes.

- The images can be borderless.  (Max image size is 1600px by 1600px.)

- IMHO the images scale better with SV-Pro

- You can have the thumbnails at the bottom but I don't think you can get them to "overlay" the image.

- Yes you can "autoplay" and "randomize" the slideshow.

- Yes to a full-screen option.

- Yes to music (audio)

- Yes to the "arrow" navigation

SV-Pro is the best $45 I've spent.  (a'hem - twice)

ann wrote:

These numbers visually take away from the otherwise elegant look and feel of your viewer...
Which is ofcourse advertized as "simpleviewer" for all that come to the artist's online gallery to see.

If you're an artist and want an elegant gallery to sell/promote your work SPEND the $45.

I know that I have v2 but I not 2.0.3 apparently.  If I remember correctly I can download upgrades from the same link that I downloaded the original v2.

Thanks for you help on this one!


Thanks Guys,

Adding floatTitle="FALSE" solved the problem.

I see that it's in the Pro Config Options:  Will I be able to do this with the SV Builder in the future?

Again, thanks Mike and thanks Felix,



"titlePadding" only pushes the title up (from the bottom) into the image more.  Where is "floatTitle"?  I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you,


Thanks Mike but it's not the caption.  It's the Title that I have positioned at the bottom/center of the page.  So when the image is large enought to fill the frame from top to bottom the title is on the image at the bottom.

Can I email you a screen-grab?


Thanks for taking a look:

When I set my gallery to have the title positioned on the bottom of the page the title overlaps the bottom of the image.

Obviously this only happens when the image is more Portrait (vertical) than Landscape (horizontal).  Or when the image fills the frame.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again,



Thank you, that's seems to have done the trick.  I looked around a lot last night and never saw those instructions.

Now, I have a dozen or so galleries that I'd like to update in this way.  Can I copy and use this new index file that I just changed or will I have to write this code in all of the others.

Again, thank you!


I have the latest version of SVPro v2 and it's been working great with building new galleries.

I'm now trying to upgrade an existing v1.9 gallery.  I replaced the .swf with the new v2Pro one.  I can open it in AutoBuilder and I can make changes.  I then save the changes.

When I try to open the newly updated gallery in a browser I just get a blank page.  I've checked the info on the gallery.xml file and it has been modified.

Also, what do I do with the old swfobject.js file?

Thank you, thank you,



That's my fault.  I didn't even notice that it was you responding and not Mike.

Well, that's 2 beers for you then!



YOU ROCK!!!  "hidden" worked!

I owe you a beer at next years "Airtight Interactive World" convention in Las Vegas.  ;)

Also, is there a way for me to make "hidden" an option when I use the svBuilder?

Thank you, thank you,



Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

I dumped the cache before I posted and I've cleared everything twice since your reply.  Still, no luck.

Can I send you my url privately?