Anyone tried this yet? I am curious if I need to revise my instructions at all :)

Sorry about that guys, got a bit busy with setting up a new server, etc.

Here's the how-to, with working example at the top.

I made sure to do a redirect so the previous link works.

Let me know how this works for you, and please comment with examples, etc!


Hopefully this isn't going to hijack this thread...

Here's a finished version of your work, integrated with what I'm doing currently.

This combines exactly step-for-step what you did, along with about 4-5 extra lines of code. :)


Thanks for the great step-by-step instructions.

That was the one thing I was missing for my shadowbox plugin.

If it's alright with you, I'd like to merge the changes I've made, and post some information.

integrating shadowbox into simpleviewer is pretty easy, but it does require some additional files, so I'll be posting those on my server.

That being said, if you would like some space to work to create a page that will explain your method on my site, I'd be happy to provide you some FTP credentials.



I don't see a way to contact you otherwise, I have found a simple 3-step process to add shadowbox usability to simpleviewer. I believe a lot of people would love the information, but I want to make sure that it's not against your rules to post that kind of information  :lol:



Just a bit more information:

I am added another layer on top of the current layers (called layer 10) making a movie clip, and trying to trace that variable.

I'm not sure exactly how to call variables in external action script files, and my googling hasn't been very useful.

I hope that this request is within the scope of this discussion board.


I am getting "undefined" when I am trying to get the variable mXMLManager.imagePath.

specifically, when I run:

trace (mXMLManager.imagePath) it gives me the trace "undefined"

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong...

Thanks in advance!,

David King


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I am trying to figure out which variables I would need to add some functionality to the flash source itself.

I can't quite follow Actionscript yet, I'd love to be able to figure out two things:

imagePath and filename, both of which I'd like to get the value of the current picture being shown. If that's too much to ask (which it might be) if I knew how, from the designer-ish mode of flash, call the "imagePath" variable, returned as a string, I could follow that and from there get everything else I need.

Thanks Felix!,

David King


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I think I'm getting closer, but I might be following something useless...

I'm looking for something in the format:


or something to that extent.

Any ideas Felix?


David King


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If I want to have the full image path to the images shown on the simpleviewer interface, what variable would that be?

for example the first image in the example is at /Users/davidking/Desktop/simpleviewer_pro/web/images/tall.jpg

If I could return that variable that would be great. Similar to what the "Open in another window" has to use for it's variable.


David King

Are there any updates on this?

I am perfectly able to make the button, but I don't quite get how to add that button to the stage, when simple viewer loads.

I created a button called "mainlink" but that doesn't seem to be working.

I'd really appreciate someone giving some information for those of us who aren't very familiar with this.


If you open up the simpleviewer.fla file, go to the "load items" marker, and double-click on the arrow, then double-click on the shape, and use flash to change the shape. It was a little tricky as I was used to messing with shapes through photoshop, but it's not too bad.



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I figure out what the issue was, I set "framewidth" to the same value as "maximageheight" thinking iframes, that ended up moving the picture wayyyy out of what was viewable, and caused me to not see it.

noobie mistake I'm sure :)



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I'm doing this currently, if you need any help let me know and I'll be glad to assist!



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Would it be possible for me to email it to you?

I have it setup with basic authentication and the client doesn't want to have the site live yet.


So this is a bit strange...

I am unable to see the main image, but if I right-click and choose "Open Image in new Window..." it opens up the picture perfectly well. This makes me think the "image path" is set correctly, but the main image still doesn't work...

I am using SimpleViewer Pro via morfeoshow and joomla. (I know I'll be moving from joomla soon enough, that thing causes more compromise than any other framework I've ever seen.)

It was working before with no issues, I wish there was some way to debug the application within the web environment...

Thanks in advance, this thing has me completely puzzled.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewergallery maxImageWidth="400" maxImageHeight="766" textColor="0x333333" frameColor="0x999999" frameWidth="766" stagePadding="5" navPadding="40" thumbnailColumns="2" thumbnailRows="6" navPosition="left" vAlign="center" hAlign="center" title="" enableRightClickOpen="true" backgroundImagePath="" imagePath=" domain com/dynamic/images/morfeoshow/sarah-1672/big/" thumbPath=" domain com/dynamic/images/morfeoshow/sarah-1672/thumbs/">

obviously the urls have spaces instead of the .'s.

I'd actually love to get some assistance with this as well..

Adding a button isn't too difficult, but the way simpleviewer is setup in the FLA, it's not flash-noob-intuitive.