Does no-one know?!

Ok I worked this out.

Hi.  I want to set the navigation symbols on the main image and the thumbs to different colours.  I want the main image navigation set to black, and I want the thumb navigation set to white.  I also want the thumbs border set to black as well.  I tried setting these in xml as per the instructions, but nothing I do seems to enable me to set these colours independently.  Is this not possible or am I doing it wrong?
This is how I have set my xml script per the instructions on customizing simple viewer pro:

<simpleviewerGallery maxImageWidth="650" maxImageHeight="650" textColor="0xFFFFFF"  frameColor="0x000000"

pagingArrowsColor="0xFFFFFF" frameWidth="0" stagePadding="100" thumbnailColumns="7" thumbnailRows="1"

navPosition="bottom"  title="" enableRightClickOpen="false" backgroundImagePath="" imagePath="images/"

thumbPath="thumb/"  >

Any help appreciated!

Hi.  I'm very new to this.  Am I able to increase the dimensions of the simpleview pro gallery that I'm planning to embed within an html page created in dreamweaver?  I see there is an example (box example) of a gallery embedded in html, but the embeded simpleview gallery is too small for what I want to do.  Also, where can I find documentation on loading images into a gallery?  For example, how do I set the order of the images?
Thank you for any help.