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I have an issue with IE 7 "locking up" (i.e. not being able to navigate to other pages) when I open up a gallery with SimpleViewer, but close the window prior to all of the images loading.

The steps that can be used to re-create the issue are:
- Open website (www sadevusa com)
- Use the menu and go to the Projects menu and open one of the galleries (Canopies, Decor interiors, etc).
- Close the window before all of the images are loaded/cached.
- I am then unable to navigate to other areas on the site.  If I wait until all of the images are loaded, then close the window, everything works fine.

If I perform these same steps that lock up IE, with Firefox 3.x, I do not experience any issues.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar to this or have any thoughts on what might be causing it?  I am using the latest version of SimpleViewer.

Thanks in advance.