Thanks for your reply, not sure whos images they were, my only guess is they were loading from flickr somehow due to inaccuracy in my code.
I have since been through the code lone by line and matched it to the example files code and it works. Seemed I was missing a line of code about the js file or something. Sorry again for stupid questions, I should have gone through the code more extensively first but was at my wits end.

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated.

Sorry in advance for this question but I am having trouble inserting tilt viewer into my website using dreamweaver.

I have TV running perfectly locally but after two days of trying am struggling to get it into my web page.

I have read the instructions and looked at the example files etc but still no success.

I have put all of the files and folders into the root folder of my site working locally in dreamweaver but when the page loads it TV displays images which are not mine. I have the flickr option set to false etc and again it does work locally when I open the index file in firefox. so it is all configured properly.

Do I just insert "tiltviewer.swf" into my page and all should work? Or are there other steps I need to complete?

Once again sorry for all the questions but I really am having no luck getting TV working.