Felix? Anybody?

Is there a way to edit the '.as' files for multiple galleries like I can for the standalone example?

Can anybody help??

I don't understand how to edit the text in the preloader when using multiple galleries, is there a way to edit the ".as" files for multiple galleries?

Hello, I was wondering how to edit the preloader in the multiple galleries example file... thanks

nevermind just fixed that too, hehe

ok well I figured out how to throw it into my flash file, but now I'm trying to figure out how to set it so the viewer matches the dimensions I want for my photos... right now they're coming out a little smaller than my chosen resolution.


For some reason I've been struggling to do this, can anybody explain what exactly I need to do to import my simpleviewer movie into ANOTHER existing FLA file?

Basically I have a website in flash and would like to use the simpleviewer gallery within it. I have edited the gallery and added the photos etc (in the 'web' folder) but don't know exactly how to import this all into my flash document.

Any help would be great, thanks