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I know it says Flash 8 but is it possible to make Autoviewer work with Flash 7?  I ask because Flash 8 is pretty new and not many of my clients/potential clients have their computers that updated.  And yes, I know they can just download and install the new flash when the detect page comes up.  But I know that most people will just say screw it and close out the player.


OK, I just realized that this problem is probably related to the microsoft patch thing.  I run Firefox so I wasn't seeing the issue. But I just tested it on IE and I see how you can't click on anything. 

I followed the instructions for the simpleviewer patch with the new .js file, etc. but it still doesn't work.  Is this because I'm running Postcard Viewer and not just simpleviewer?

Thanks for your help!

I've done a handful of postcard viewer galleries and they've been fine in the past. 

However, I just launched these galleries:

And I can view them fine on my computer, but some other users say they're opening up the gallery (e.g. Interiors) and the green page (with the instructions) shows up. Then when they click anywhere on the screen it goes no where.  (i.e. the images never show up)

What's going on here?