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Is it possible to add alt tags to the photos??

Hi, I've posted a few times under another topic asking for help. My gallery works fine on my desktop, and other servers but does NOT work on the server my client is using. It gives an error message "gallery not found", yes, my xml file is there.

Please give me some requirements I can pass on to this hosting company. I have found them to be outdated in the past and really feel like  it must be something on their end but do not know how to pinpoint it. Surely you must have a set of requirements. This issue has been ongoing for over a month. Really need help.


I think there might be an issue with the hosting service I'm using. The gallery works on my desktop and other servers. Could you provide requirements the host must support so we can identify the issue?

They did ask "Does this site require any special mime types? If yes, please provide them and we will look into adding them for you."

Please let me know as I'd really like to get it working.


The gallery.xml file is there, but isn't pulling it for some reason. The contents in the folder on my server are as follws:

images folder
thumbs folder

www taylordesignbuild com/carolina/index html

yes, i uploaded all of it. copied everything it created for me.

what are the most common causes for this error?

many thanks!!

I have since downloaded the plugin tool for iphoto and exported another gallery that worked fine on my desktop but not online.

Hi, i just purchased the pro version but didn't see any setup instructions, only customization. So I took an educated guess and placed the whole web folder on my server. When i visit the page the html loads but it says gallery not found www taylordesignbuild com/web/index html

The puzzling thing is that it works fine viewing on my desktop. Please tell me what I did wrong and were i can find specific instructions to follow.

Many thanks!!!