Hey there, glad to see you have an html5 version. I have two questions.

with the pro version, I'm guessing I can use flickr sets?

with the free version, when I tried to set up a gallery with existing images already in my media library, i didn't see a way to do this. Can I use images that I've already uploaded with the pro version or free version? Do I have to upload the images again?

I'm using SV on a page, not a post. Does that matter?

Also, if I don't use flash (I want this to work on iPads) does my gallery look different? I just unclicked flash and now all my images show AND I don't have the thumbnails.


It was a permissions issue.
the fix:
I checked/edited all related folders to be sure they had permissions 0755... SOLVED!


where can I download 1.8? The link only downloads 1.9.

where can I download 1.8? The link only downloads 1.9.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, I set the flickr api key in the .php file.
I allocated a read/write folder for the flickr.xml cache.
I followed the directions twice. I'll try again for a third time. I just wanted to make sure that simpleViewer 1.9 works with flickrViewer. It calls for 1.8. I wasn't sure if that was the issue.

When I look at the files being loaded, an xml file does not load.
Should it?

I've used simpleviewer on a few sites, but now I want to use flickrviewer.
I followed the directions, but can't get it to load my files.

Is it because I need simpleviewer 1.8?
It's holding up a site I'm doing for a friend. Any help would be much appreaciated.

Yes, I did, and tried to use your files, all works well, until I insert them into my main swf. I can't use your navigation, due to how my main movie works. It's pulling all the files via xml and a bunch of action script.
Just wondering what needs to be changed to make them unique. Any pointers?


you can change where you call the xml file in the preload movie clip, frame 16. I just posted how to do it.

good luck.

Okay, I'm not sure what happened, but it is no longer working. Thankfully I still have files that are functioning, but when I try to edit the options.as file nothing works!

OMG! I tried the two gallery approach example, but do to the complexity of my shell site, it doesn't work.

Anyone, what else do i need to change? What code is specific to the xml file and names? I'm not getting errors, just galleries that are not correct.

functioning site.
chriswoodburninteriors com/main.html

It was a little madding, but I figured it out.

I had to change the gImageData.xml to a different name. I used pImageData, duplicated the entire com sets.

you will need to change it in the following places...
Two places in the stagemanager.as file
and in the fla in the preloader movie.



Has anyone tried to place two separate galleries in one swf?
there is some weird conflict that I can't find.
If you look at the site I am working on, the portfolio works correctly, but the furniture, which should have it's own set of photos keeps trying to pull the portfolio but only pulls the first one, and shows the rest as blank, not missing but loading?

chriswoodburninteriors com/index2.html

I changed the xml file to both, but is there something else? It seems which ever one I publish last, the other one will take on it's images, so there must be something in the actionscript files? anyone?
I've been losing much sleep over this, and my deadline is Tuesday!!!!.

found it...duh.
To change the xml file, open the swf and in the movie clip preloader, it is on frame 16.

where can i change the name of the xml file? I am using two simple viewers in my site and would like the xml files in the same location. I can't seem to find it. thanks!