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hi there,

i am right now working on the same thing: i want the caption to be centered
in the caption-area (below the picture).

i read the information in the faq and visited the suggested link at the adobe-website.

now i changed the xml like this:

    <caption><![CDATA[<p align="center">Aquarellzeichnung auf Schöpfpapier 30x40]]></caption>   

now i saw your example in this post. its nearly the same but the <p>-tag is closed after the text. is it obligatory to have the <p>-tag closed after the text? or doesnt it make any difference? (dreamweaver wants to close the <caption> allways at that position, if i begin to write the "/" and thats a little bit annoying...)

another point is that i would like to set the caption directly under the picture. as there are different picture formats the space between pic and caption is different from pic to pic. i didnt found a solution - the caption would have to be shown in the image-area and that seems to be impossible.
the only possibility seems to be including the text in the pic - but thats not  a very nice one...  does anybody have an idea?




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Hm - once again i found a solution by myself:

I dont have to change anything in the swf for changing the default xml-path.

As i found i the index.html in the "web"-folder of the Proversion, i just have to add the following to the html:

fo.addVariable("xmlDataPath", "gallery2.xml");

Seems to work fine...

Nevertheless, i really would like to know how i can change something in the fla and the source of the swf, because maybe later i like to change some parameters like the framewith of the thumbs etc. For example i dont want to use the "Next picture" arrows. So i need to change the actionscript files and republish the swf.

But still that doesnt work. Can somebody tell me exactly how to change such parameters? Can i change something in the flas or do i have to change things in the actionscript-files?




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Ok, i found out my stupid mistake....

As i was testing out something with alphatransparency, i uninstalled the flash plugins and installed different versions of the plugin.
As i had version 7 installed the swf, which i exported to flash version 8 didnt work.

Now everything here is fine - i learned that i can export the swf to flash 7 and flash 8 without problems.

But theres still a problem with changing something in the fla or the source...

I try to change something in the fla, but after republishing the swf it doesnt work. Please watch this topic:

http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … =4475#4475

I just want to change the path of the default xml - doesnt work... please help me!!!

Thanks in advance, Doolak


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Thanks - i figured it out last night before I saw the FAQs.
I found some actionscript in the Preloader that generated the gallery.xml and I changed this to gallery2.mxl for the second gallery.

It works  :D
Is that basically what I should have done?

Hi there,

exactly that is what i need because i want to to work with multiple galleries. I recognized the possibility which is shown in the Simpleviewer Pro example, where each gallery has its own folder, but i dont want to have the html-files in different subfolders. I need to have the Simpleviewer files in the root.

So i searched for the declaration of the xml-path and found 1 entry in the fla:

//set default xmlPath
var xmlPath = "gallery.xml"
//get xml data Path from flashVars
if (_root.xmlDataPath != undefined){
    xmlPath = _root.xmlDataPath;

I changed this but if i want to republish the swf it tries to get gallery.xml again as before.

I dont know what i did wrong - maybe its a problem with the publishing.

As i wrote today in another topic in this forum (http://www.airtightinteractive.com/foru … php?t=2056)
i have some problems with republishing the swf.

Would really be nice if somebody can help me!

Thanks in advance,



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To test that i didnt change anything in the fla or the actionscript. I only opened the fla and exported it.

Thats the recommended way of publishing.

Sorry, I dont understand what u mean.

If i want to leave the swf as it is, i do not have to export it... i just wanted to be sure that the error in the swf is not because i changed something in a wrong way. Normally i only have to republish the swf if i have made some changes in the fla or the other sourcefiles.

So can somebody tell me why the swf doesnt work when i export it to Flash version 8?


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I do not find any option to "generate" the swf. I use Flash 8 and theres only the possibility to export the movie (File/Export/Export Movie).

When i export it i have some Parameters to choose from.
For example the Version of the Player. There i have only Version 1 to 8 and two Flash Lite versions.
Then the Actionscript versions ( 1.0 and 2.0), some things like JPEG-quality etc.

I cannot choose 7.2, so i tried 7 and 8. When i use 8 the viewer.swf doesnt show the preloader correct. It is shown without any text and doesnt do anything. The rest of the movie works fine.

When i export it to flash 7 it works fine.

To test that i didnt change anything in the fla or the actionscript. I only opened the fla and exported it.




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hello there!

Which Flashversion is recommended to republish the Simpleviewer Pro swf?
Does it make any difference if i export it in version 7 or 8?

How is the original swf exported?




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Yes, seems to work in Player 7, too.

I have been testing all the last night with severeal Players and Browsers, so now my head is turning a little bit around...

When i found that alpha doesnt work i was working with Simpleviewer 1.7.1 -
that version seems to have problems with alpha. Version 1.8 works with Flashplayer 7 and later.

As i purchased Simpleviewer Pro last night i will use that version - so now its not bad to have a working version up from Player 7.
If there is any possibility to use the transparency with older Flashplayers just let me know - if not i will take it as it is and notify those visitors to install a newer plugin..

Thanks a lot,



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Yes, i converted a png, wich included alpha.

When i just open the png, which i converted to swf, it had a white background. But when i just embedded it in html and set the swf background to transparent, it was displayed correct with alpha.

Just when i used those swf's with Simpleviewer they where shown without alpha, although i have set the viewer.swf to transparent background.

I have to let the viewer.swf know that it has to display the swf-pics with transparent background, too. But i dont know how.

Now i found out that flashplayer 8 fixes all those problems automatically - all the included swf-pics are shown with alpha. But i would prefer to use an older 
flashplayer, because i dont want to let all the visitors update to flash 8...

If there would be a possibility to include those swf-"pics" with alpha in older flashplayer versions would be really nice.




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You can convert them to swf files which will maintain the alpha of the png's

You can set your swf to a transparent background, but simpleviewer supports jpg's and swf's only. So, your pngs will need to be converted to swf's which will maintain the pngs transparency. Not sure what Felix meant either.

Hi there,

I tried to use png's with alphatransparency (pictures with shadows) with Simpleviewer - that didnt work so i tried to find out a solution here in the forum.

Now i found the answers above and converted my png's into swf's with fireworks. Simpleviewer loads them fine but doesnt show the alpha.

Can somebody tell me how to keep the alpha? How can i set the swf to transparent background. If i set the viewer.swf to transparent background the included photo-swf's are not transparent. They are show without alphatransparency...

Woukd really be great if somebody could help me.