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Hi Felix,

I've now thoroughly sorted out the photostream:

Firstly - here's the webpage so you can see exactly what i mean:

www eurythmics me uk/norma index html

I've set up a test link at the bottom of the page which is purely the entire photostream, these images appear in order as they should do, no problem.

The moment in introduce a tag the order goes wrong, so look at the first ten images, then click on the Annie Lennox Miscellaneous heading which is filtered using a TAG and selects the same 10 pictures, but this time the order is totally different.

Any assistance you can give would be much appreciated!



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Thanks Felix,

I've been through this, and the photostream for each tag on Flickr shows exactly how I need them to, the order however when viewed in Tiltviewer is different.

I just don't get whats happening.  I've used another viewer that reads FLickr stuff in and it is displying in the right order.

If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.



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I've followed previous posts but just cannot work this out.

I have a tagged SET - EUG7 www flickr com/photos/orcacatlover/tags/eug7/

Which displays in the order I want it to, having edited the date information

In my Tiltviewer show however, it appears in a different order:
www eurythmics me uk/norma/eug7 html

Can anyone explain why there is a difference?

I've gone through all of Flickr sort oiptions to see if i can replciate the order that Tiltviewer is using but cannot




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Can anyone let me know if they have the same problem.

I'm embedding the Tiltviewer and everything is working fine with Flickr and navigating around using the cursor keys, space bar and the letter F key to flip the image for text.

If i right click and go to Full screen mode, the cursors and space work fine but the letter F key won't flip.

Any ideas?