the only link i see in your gallery is to an mp3 file. The link worked here. Probably your browser or OS security settings are blocking links to an mp3 file.

I disabled my firewall.
Disabled UAC in vista, disabled adblock,
well, disabled everything I could think of.
If you know of anything else that I can disable....
I don't have any 3th party virus scanning software or anything like that on my computer.

And like I said, I tried it with just about every browser. and it also doesn't seem to work with simpleviewer links that aren't mp3 files.

anyway, thanks for the trouble.

I don't see a simpleviewer gallery at  What browser version and OS are you seeing the links not work? Do the links work on this demo:

yeah sorry, you have to click "mixes" and then "go to mixgallery".
here is the direct link mrfart be/muziek/

The "open images in new window" link in your demo doesn't work either.

I'm using vista 64 and I tried the site in Firefox/3.0.5, explorer, chrome and safari. None work. That's why I thought it might be a flashplayer problem.
I have the latest flash, also installed the latest java (don't know if it's even usefull for that).
As of now, I only know 2 people for who it doesn't work. Me, and my buddy, who has vista 32 installed.
I really am at a loss. Hope you have any ideas,


still nobody that has an idea for these problems??
I really don't feel like going back and doing my entire site without using simpleviewer.

beatifull artwork.
But yeah, same problem as I have.
The links don't work for me. The first time you hoover over them you see the "hand" cursor that indicates it's a link, but then it dissappears and it doesn't work.
I have visa 64 and a friend of mine has the same problem with vista 32.
I really don't know what it is. And nobody here seems to know either.
Makes my website kinda useless for myself.  ( mrfart dot be )


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hi folks

  I just built a new gallery for a customer and posted it at

www vococommunity com santa2008 html

  I built it on a PC with XP installed and tested it out in Firefox and IE and everything works great.  I was really pleased with how easy it all was.

  The end users, however, have started reporting that the hyperlinks are inactive on every photo except the first.  But only those users using Vista are reporting this issue.

  Its basically the same issue that grassynoel has reported.

  The customer is obviously displeased and is requiring I rebuild it in another solution if I can't come up with a fix quickly.


Well, I might aswell post in this thread, as they are all the same problems. my site mrfart be/muziek/ seems to be working with everyone,
except people running vista (like me).
I really don't know what to do and am really very irritated that I'm investing time in yet another vista problem.
I tried every browser know to man, disabled pop up blockers, java security stuff. Nothing works

appearantly it does work on other peoples computer.
I tried it with firefox/chrome/explorer...
loosend jave security settings, downloaded the latest flash.
I have vista 64, does that might have anything to do with it?

I really don't know anymore

feel free to check it out at mrfart be/muziek/


ok, so here's what I did:

2008-11-mrfart-chaostheory-1_78 l<u> <a href="h t t p //mrfart be / muziek/2008_11_mrfart_chaos-theory_1_78 mp3">download

It's supposed to be a link to an mp3 file. the "download" word shows up underlined, but thats it, I can't click it.

any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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