I don't know what I missed before... but after trying again I'm able to get tiltviewer to pick up the u r l query strings.

would be much easier if the options were able to be picked up in the xml file... but this should work.

In case I hadn't said it before... I do really like these viewers.

does tiltviewer pro support getting the flash vars in a query string on the u r l ?



handyman - thanks for the possible lead.  Unfortunately I couldn't find anything that suggested that linkURL would support a javascript:function() type "link".

I keep finding stuff that says getURL would do it... but that doesn't apply to the TV-P.

Maybe there could be a change in TV-P sometime to support getURL.

Thanks again,



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sorry for the "you are el" and "you are L" stuff... but a bit limited in posting still...

you - U

are - R

el  - L



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Is there a debug version or option available?

Something that might echo to the screen the flash vars used as well as the actual "you are el" paths being read for the xml and img files?

I'm having a fun time chasing down offending "you are L" paths as the swf sits in one "common" folder and the gallery xml and images sit off in another directory.

Maybe a secret key combo that pulls up a debug screen?

Maybe what might help me figure out where I'm missing something is confirmation of what I think I've read... all relative "you are Ls" (xml location, image locations is relative to the page that is being served (unless absolute paths set)??


Jumi package for Joomla would work for doing this (google search jumi jooml for link)

At first it may look intimidating to do... but once some basics are understood it works fantastically.

Take a look at it and see what you think...

I've read and searched... and I think I know the answer...

When using the xml gallery option... will the linkURL support calling javascript functions that have been defined on the html page?

I've not gotten it to work... but wasn't sure if there was a specific way of writing it in that I might have been missing.